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The Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana Can’t Be Ignored

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The legalization of medical marijuana has long been a controversial issue. In spite of its many medical benefits, many people are concerned that it is a gateway to more serious drug use. Medicinal marijuana use is now legal in 23 states, as well as the District of Columbia. People are realizing that using marijuana as medicine does much more good than harm, and it’s worth considering, when discussing the potential legalization of medical marijuana.

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Identifying Skin Care Products to Avoid With Rosacea

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If you’re looking for effective rosacea treatment, there are plenty of skin care products out there that can help you, but there are also plenty of skin care ingredients to avoid that will only make things worse.

Even the best rosacea treatments can only work so well if your other skin care products are triggering flare-ups of your condition. So what should you watch out for when purchasing skin care products?

  • Rosacea irritants: Plenty of patients find that certain ingredients trigger skin irritation and rosacea flare ups. These include substances like alcohol, witch ha

Medical Weight Loss May Be the End Of Your Weight Loss Struggles

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Trying to lose weight can be a very frustrating process, especially if the pounds are not coming off as fast as you’d like them to. It may seem like you’ve tried everything — every fad diet and every exercise routine — but still nothing’s working. The bad news is, there’s no magic secret to successful weight loss, aside from hard work. the good news is, you don’t need to lose hope.

Medical weight loss programs are designed just for people like you, who feel like they’ve tried everything and still can’t drop the extra pounds. At a medical weight loss center, a weight loss doctor will provide you with the medical weight loss solutions based on your medical history

Common Elbow Injuries that Lead to Trouble

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If you’re suffering from chronic pain, now might be the right time to search for an elbow joint replacement doctor. The elbow joint is just one of many where various bones connect to facilitate motion. Essentially, elbows provide the link between shoulders and hands, thus allowing the hand to be placed as desired.
The elbow joint consists of a pair of joints, actually: the ulnohumeral joint and the radiounlar joint which, together, provide a hinging device that allows for extension, rotation and pivoting. The full range of motion in our hands that’s needed to perform all the daily functions we depend on them for is made possible, largely, by the elbow.

A Few Facts About the Increasingly Popular E-Cigarette

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If you’re a smoker, you’ve probably noticed the rise of “e-cigarettes” in recent years. The “e” in “e-cigarettes” stands for electronic, and you’re not just imagining their newfound popularity — in just four years from 2008 to 2012, electronic cigarette sales rose from 50,000 to 3.5 million sales annually. In the United States, lots of people who smoke traditional cigarettes have tried these smoke-free alternatives. In 2011, one in five adult smokers had tried e-cigarettes. Because this is a new trend, you might be wondering how to find the best e cigarette, where to find cheap e cig juice, and what the first steps are to entering the vaping community, i.e. the subculture of e-cigarette

Could Your Mobile Device Be Causing Your Neck Pain?

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If you have neck pain, there are a number of potential causes that might be causing your discomfort. For example, arthritis can sometimes develop in the joint in the neck, causing affected patients to seek pain relief for their stiff neck. However, if you don’t have arthritis or another health condition that might be causing your problem, your neck pain might be due to your use of a common modern tool: your smartphone.

The average human head weighs roughly 10 pounds. For every inch a person leans forward, holding their neck at an angle, the pressure on their spine increases by double this weight. According to a new study by a New York spine surgeon, this can have a significant effect when users spend long period

Four Conditions That Increase Your Risk of Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer is one of the most common skin problems a person can experience today, with one in five Americans developing the condition at some point in their lives. While most cases are benign and can be easily removed by dermatology and skin cancer specialists, some people can develop a type called melanoma, which is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of pigment-producing cells. This means that the cancer can spread to other parts of the body, giving it an extremely high mortality rate.

There are a number of factors that can increase a person’s risk of developing skin cancer and melanoma, including pale skin, light hair, light eyes, and high doses of unprotected sun exposure. However, did you know that certain diseases and disorders can also increase your chance of developing th

How Urgent Care Benefits Patients

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Urgent care facilities are often described as a helpful resource local doctors offices and hospitals, which often see overwhelming volumes of patients requiring medical care. Because many of these patients may not actually need emergency room care, but cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment, urgent care clinics are able to effectively reduce patient numbers, allowing other health centers to dedicate the proper time and care to the seriously injured. But what about the impact these urgent care centers have on their patients? Are these medical walk in clinics actually providing an advantageous service to the average man, woman or child?

A number of patients certainly seem to think so, ne

Three Substances To Help Boost Your Visual Health

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When it comes to protecting your eyes, your might think that beyond wearing your sunglasses, you are left to the mercy of fate and genetics. In actuality, while blocking the sun is important, you should also be eating a diet rich in a number of vitamins and nutrients designed to keep your vision. Read on to learn what foods you should be adding to your diet to stay clear-sighted and bright-eyed!

Vitamin C
Did you know that the aqueous fluid of the eye has 26 times more Vitamin C in it than any other substance in the body? This helps protect eye tissue from free-radicals and unstable molecules while also helping to regenerate Vitamin E, another protective substance. Keep your Vitamin C levels replenished by eating fruits and vegetables high in this beneficial element, such as b

Infectious Disease and Urgent Care Centers; How the Two Come to Together

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The concern over the spread of the deadly Ebola virus continues to strike fear in many Americans, especially those living in Dallas Texas and New York City, where patients who have recently traveled to western Africa are being treated for the virus.

Concern over the spread of the virus first came to light when two nurses treating an Ebola patient — the first and only patient who died of the virus while being treated in the United States — contracted the virus. While both nurses have made a full recovery, the second nurse to contract the virus traveled on a commercial flight while suffering from a fever. This caused widespread panic, as Ebola can only be spread to another by direct, physical contact with the body fluids of another who is showing symptoms of the virus such as a high grade fever, a