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The Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana Can’t Be Ignored


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The legalization of medical marijuana has long been a controversial issue. In spite of its many medical benefits, many people are concerned that it is a gateway to more serious drug use. Medicinal marijuana use is now legal in 23 states, as well as the District of Columbia. People are realizing that using marijuana as medicine does much more good than harm, and it’s worth considering, when discussing the potential legalization of medical marijuana.

Top Conditions Treated by Medical Marijuana

  • Migraines – Doctors in California have treated over 300,000 migraines with medical marijuana.
  • Insomnia – Marijuana helps with relaxation and pain reduction, as well as relieving anxiety and certain sleep disorders.
  • Cancer – Marijuana helps relive nausea and vomiting for people going through chemotherapy, and also helps to increase their appetite to keep them healthy.
  • Glaucoma – Marijuana has very powerful effects on glaucoma, and its effectiveness is one of the best-documented uses of medical marijuana.
  • Alzheimer’s – Though marijuana is often said to have bad effects on the brains of its users, it has proven to work to prevent Alzheimer’s by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the disease.

Proponents of the legalization of medical marijuana are not looking to legalize the drug for mass recreational use. With more than 20,000 studies on marijuana and its components having been published, its time to see medical marijuana for its medically beneficial aspects.

With all of the medicinal benefits that marijuana provides, its ignorant to just dismiss it without consideration. No one is trying to encourage serious drug use, only to provide some relief for people who have been suffering from serious illness. While the legalization of medical marijuana will always be a hotly-contested issue, it’s important to make sure you’ve done your research and know the facts about medical marijuana before getting involved in the discussion.

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