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Common Elbow Injuries that Lead to Trouble


Elbow joint replacement doctor

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, now might be the right time to search for an elbow joint replacement doctor. The elbow joint is just one of many where various bones connect to facilitate motion. Essentially, elbows provide the link between shoulders and hands, thus allowing the hand to be placed as desired.
The elbow joint consists of a pair of joints, actually: the ulnohumeral joint and the radiounlar joint which, together, provide a hinging device that allows for extension, rotation and pivoting. The full range of motion in our hands that’s needed to perform all the daily functions we depend on them for is made possible, largely, by the elbow.
Here’s a Quick Look at Some of the Most Common Sports-Related Elbow Injuries

  • Tennis Elbow
    A very commonly diagnosed injury, tennis elbow is not merely confined to folks that play racquet sports. It can afflict anyone that plays a sport (or performs a work related task) that involved extension of the wrist (against resistance) and/or repetitive twisting. Pain is usually experienced along the outer, bony edge of the elbow. Surgery is sometimes required, but is usually preceded with a series of injections and physical therapy.

  • Golfer’s Elbow
    Pretty much an identical injury to tennis elbow, except it’s occurs along the elbow’s inner side. The treatment process is very similar.

  • Clicking or Locking Elbow
    A pained clicking or locking sensation in the elbow is often caused by what are called ‘loose bodies’ — a.k.a. arthritis. The loose bodies are actually bits of the joint’s cartilage lining which have broken off and are floating around. This can cause a clicking sensation or even cause the joint to lock altogether, but sometimes they just cause pain. An x-ray can help differentiate this injury from tennis elbow.

  • Ruptured Distal Biceps
    This injury is most closely associated with strength training athletes, and involves the rupturing of the tendon that connects the bicep and the elbow as the result of an unusually strong contraction.
    Other common elbow injuries include posterior impingement and various dislocation possibilities which need immediate medical attention in order to avoid ongoing instability (which lead to future injuries). The similarity of all of these conditions, save for the bicep rupture, makes a trip to an elbow joint replacement doctor of paramount importance.
    Finding an elbow joint replacement doctor is a good idea if you’re an athlete or engage in any regular strenuous activity at work. Many times, the same specialist can assist with shoulder joint replacement surgery, total hip replacement surgery and knee joint replacement surgery should you ever need these things, in addition elbow joint replacement surgery.
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