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A Few Facts About the Increasingly Popular E-Cigarette


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If you’re a smoker, you’ve probably noticed the rise of “e-cigarettes” in recent years. The “e” in “e-cigarettes” stands for electronic, and you’re not just imagining their newfound popularity — in just four years from 2008 to 2012, electronic cigarette sales rose from 50,000 to 3.5 million sales annually. In the United States, lots of people who smoke traditional cigarettes have tried these smoke-free alternatives. In 2011, one in five adult smokers had tried e-cigarettes. Because this is a new trend, you might be wondering how to find the best e cigarette, where to find cheap e cig juice, and what the first steps are to entering the vaping community, i.e. the subculture of e-cigarette users who consider themselves experts on vaping. If you’re interested in learning a few facts about this emerging industry, continue reading to find out more.

A Few Facts About the Emerging E-Cigarette

  • Using the e-cig can save you money. This is because the e-cig is reusable, unlike traditional cigarettes. Once you buy the main e cigarette, you only need to purchase small replacement parts in the future. You also need to buy e cig liquid, but this cost is negligible compared to cigarettes. You also don’t need a lighter or matches to use them, so gone are the days of purchasing lighters, losing them, and buying more.
  • E-cigs can provide a variable amount of nicotine. When you buy e cig liquid, you usually have the option to specify how much nicotine you want. Unsure of what to decide? That’s fine, because most e cig shops can suggest a good nicotine level based on how much you smoke daily. Titrating the e cig nicotine level is a great option because you can choose a level you’re comfortable with, and you can also move to a lower nicotine amount if you’re trying to quit smoking.
  • The e cig gives each user the chance to customize the unit. There are over 250 brands of e cigarettes on the market, and you can choose from so many options even within the brands. You can choose different colors and styles for the batteries — some hold a charge longer than others, some are understated while others come in bright colors. You can also choose different styles of “tanks” to hold the e liquid. Some tanks give more vapor and a stronger flavor, while others are less intense. Once you start using an e cig, you’ll be surprised at all the choices you have.
  • There are lots of e cig liquid flavors. Most vape shops sell high quality e liquid in tons of flavors. You can choose from so many types — berries, baked goods, candy, tobacco-based, and many more. There are enough e cig liquid flavors that anyone can find a kind they like.

Do you smoke e-cigarettes and have any suggestions for first time users? Do you have any advice on the best e cig liquid flavors? If you have had an interesting experience please share it with others in the comments below.

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