The Need and Future of Urgent Care

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If you’ve ever spent multiple hours waiting for emergency room care, you already know one of the primary reasons that people visit an urgent care facility. Here’s why these important walking clinics are so crucial to our national healthcare system.

We Need Medical Help More Than Ever Before

By the year 2030, the vast majority of the Baby Boom generation will be managing some kind of chronic medical condition. Yet our hospital system and private doctor system is not expanding quickly enough to meet this coming need. That’s where an urgent care facility can come in.

Chronic conditions do not typically need emergency care. Yet sometimes they cannot wait for a private doctor’s office appointment. An urgent care facility provides a place where patients can be treated for chronic conditions quickly and at a reasonable price.

Baby boomers aren’t the only ones in need of regular medical care that doesn’t merit a trip to the emergency room. Low back pain, for example, is one examp

3 Ways Urgent Care Can Help You

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Urgent care centers have been springing up everywhere in America in recent years. They’re made popular by low cost, low wait time, and expert care. Their versatility in care options is astounding, and they have been incredibly helpful to innumerable people. Providing emergency room care provides relief to ERs who are usually overcrowded, and help to patients who can’t make it to appointments during normal times. Read on for just a few reasons you should consider trying urgent care if you haven’t already.

Sports-Related Injuries

Did you know that up to 20 million school days are lost by the 12 million kids who suffer a sports-related Continue Reading No Comments

How Urgent Care Benefits Patients

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Urgent care facilities are often described as a helpful resource local doctors offices and hospitals, which often see overwhelming volumes of patients requiring medical care. Because many of these patients may not actually need emergency room care, but cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment, urgent care clinics are able to effectively reduce patient numbers, allowing other health centers to dedicate the proper time and care to the seriously injured. But what about the impact these urgent care centers have on their patients? Are these medical walk in clinics actually providing an advantageous service to the average man, woman or child?

A number of patients certainly seem to think so, ne