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Three Substances To Help Boost Your Visual Health


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When it comes to protecting your eyes, your might think that beyond wearing your sunglasses, you are left to the mercy of fate and genetics. In actuality, while blocking the sun is important, you should also be eating a diet rich in a number of vitamins and nutrients designed to keep your vision. Read on to learn what foods you should be adding to your diet to stay clear-sighted and bright-eyed!

Vitamin C
Did you know that the aqueous fluid of the eye has 26 times more Vitamin C in it than any other substance in the body? This helps protect eye tissue from free-radicals and unstable molecules while also helping to regenerate Vitamin E, another protective substance. Keep your Vitamin C levels replenished by eating fruits and vegetables high in this beneficial element, such as broccoli, tomatoes and citrus. You can also eat almonds and sunflower seeds, which are high in Vitamin E, to help keep your eyes healthy.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Physicians often recommend that pregnant women consume plenty of omega-3s because the essential fat can help develop the fetus’s ocular and visual centers, as well as promoting good health in the mother herself. However, these are far from the only benefits of omega 3 fatty acids: in addition to a number of positive influences on a person’s mental and cardiovascular health, this substance in anti-inflammatory, helping to quickly relieve dry eyes. If you’re prone to this condition, try eating fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, or turn to omega 3 concentrates like fish oil supplements.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin
These two antioxidants are found in the lens and retina of the eye, where they help protect against ultraviolet light and blue light. As a result, both have been linked to a reduced risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Lutein and zeaxanthin can be found in foods like bell peppers, corn, egg yolks, parsley, spinach, and kale. Because these antioxidants are fat-soluble, many health experts recommend cooking these foods with olive oil to help your body absorb the products.

If you want to keep your eyes healthy, one of the best places to start is your diet. Make sure you’re getting plenty of fruits, vegetables and other products, such as omega 3 concentrates, that contain the products listed above. And don’t forget your sunglasses: together, these two habits will help protect you against cataracts, degeneration, and much more.

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