An Interview with Dr. Paul A. McGriff of McGriff Family Dentistry


McGriff Family Dentistry has been a fixture in the community of Federal Way, WA for 14 years. We met Dr. Paul A McGriff, the practice’s founding dentist, to talk about its growth.

Dr. McGriff, what prompted you to open up your own practice?/strong>

I wanted to practice dentistry based on philosophies I learned from current research and my own experiences.

That sounds like a recipe for success! Did you run into any obstacles that made you want to give up? And if so, how did you overcome those obstacles?

We have invested our lives into the business and are dedicated to its success. We know that the more resources we have, the more we can influence the community economy by buying things locally, donating locally, and supporting various clauses that are relevant to the surrounding community as well.

It seems like you’ve been able to move past the obstacles you’ve faced. Have technology and the internet also changed the way you do business?

Mobile culture has changed how we communicate with our patients. CADCAM and 3D printing hold promise for the future and have already brought down the price of limited orthodontics for thousands of patients worldwide.

McGriff Family Dentistry is located at 2335 SW 320th Street, Suite #2 in Federal Way, WA. For more information, visit or call (253) 838-9715.

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