2016 National Fly Fishing Championship Beginning June 1


discount fly rodsA national fly fishing tournament in New York is slated to begin in the next few weeks.

The 2016 National Fly Fishing Championship will take place on June 1 at Lake Placid. The tournament will last four days and anglers will compete to win the title of the country’s top fly angler along with a roster spot on the U.S. National Fly Fishing Team that plans on competing in the world championship of fly fishing later this year.

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife information, there are approximately 3.83 million fly anglers decked out in waders and fishing clothes who share a love for the sport.

Three fishing areas along Lake Placid will host the anglers: West Branch of the Ausable River, the Saranac River and the Salmon River.

Watertown Daily Times┬áreports that the Lake Placid region makes for great angling sites for both trout — who feed below the surface about 90% of the time — and bass.

Each angler participating in the tournament will be designated a 200-meter stretch of public stream where there is potential for local fishing to take place. There will be volunteer teams spread throughout the area to track what each angler catches.

Registration for this national tournament is limited to only 75 anglers and registration costs $50.

Fly fishing brings in about $750 million each year and men and women across the country are passionate about the sport. Sales are likely to increase over the next few months as summer weather approaches.

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