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FYI on FUE Hair Transplants



Baldness, especially in men, is quite common (see: male pattern baldness). In fact, just in the U.S., two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35, and many men begin losing their hair long before this age. But just because something is widespread and normal doesn’t make it less difficult to stomach for some men. Despite its frequency, many men feel self-conscious by their hair loss. This is typically because hair loss is seen as a sign of aging, and no one wants to feel or look older than they are.

Other men handle their baldness with more confidence, embracing their appearance and accepting it as a part of who they are. But for those who have a harder time with hair loss and want to keep their head of hair, there are options out there! Hair clinics across the country offer services such as hair transplants, hair restoration, and hair replacement.

Heard of Hair Transplant Clinics?

Like other clinics, hair transplant clinics are operated by medical professionals who specialize in a particular area–in this case, hair transplant surgery. Doctors have different methods of restoring a patient’s hair. Some methods are more invasive, complicated, and expensive than others. These procedures are relatively new and require a wealth of knowledge, but they are effective.

What is FUE and What Does it Entail?

One of the most common methods of hair restoration is known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), sometimes shortened to Follicular Transfer (FT). The FUE procedure takes time (up to eight hours), because as its name suggests, one hair follicle is extracted from the area of donation at a time (sometimes groups of a few hairs). Compare this to the “strip harvesting” method which is quicker (multiple follicles are extracted at once) but results in scarring and involves a longer recovery time. Average recovery time of FUE, however, is typically less than a week and there is no visible scarring to worry about.

Does FUE Work, and is it Worth It?

Everyone is different. We all have different skin types, hair patterns, preferences, and concerns. Naturally, some patients who have undergone FUE surgery love the results and recommend it to others suffering from hair loss. Other patients aren’t so satisfied and consider their procedure an unworthy investment. Fortunately, the internet provides a space where plenty of reviews, updates, and opinions can be broadcast for an enormous audience. This way, people considering something like FUE can witness firsthand how it went for someone else. But again, everyone is different, and results are bound to vary depending on the clinic, the doctor, and you.

Another thing that some people will have to consider before entering a hair transplant clinic is cost. But since FUE procedures are permanent, the investment is worthwhile for many. It’s important to remember that losing your hair is not the end of the world–it isn’t even remotely uncommon. But loving ourselves and our appearance is important, and if hair restoration is a gateway to a happier future, then FUE is worth thinking about.

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