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How Medical Check-in Software Can Improve Documentation and Efficiency

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An orthopedic practice can be a busy place, with a continuous stream of injured patients. Digitizing patient intakes with orthopedic check-in software can make the entire process smoother and more efficient for both patients and providers. It also helps improve patient engagement. By replacing the traditional sign-in sheet with a check-in kiosk, it enables medical practices to update their offices and meet millennial expectations.

What is medical check-in software?
In a world where almost everything is being digitized, medical offices have tended to maintain the old-fashioned way of checking in patients. The paper sign-in sheets fastened on a clipboard have a number of disadvantages. Because people are usually stressed, injured, or ill when they arrive at the doctor’s office, their writing can be shaky and difficult to read.
When their information is later entered into the computer by a staff person, mistakes can be made, especially with spellings a

Taking A Closer Look At How To Get Good Medical Care When Your Doctor’s Office Is Closed

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Getting medical care when your doctor’s office is closed can pose quite the situation, as this leaves you without a clear place to go. Of course, you could go to your nearest emergency room, but this is something that is typically regarded as less than ideal for those who have less than emergent medical conditions. Not only will the emergency room take a long time to be seen in (the average wait time is currently around one hour all throughout the country), but it will be hugely expensive as well.

Fortunately, a number of alternatives are developing and becoming more prevalent. For one thing, your doctor might be extending their hours, something that is becoming more and more common. Already, more than one third (around 40%) of all GPs now work on weekends and in evenings, at least to some extent. In general, the average GP will offer care for at least 31 hours a week, if not even more, a number that has continued to rise with the years. This allows the typical GP to conduct as ma

Cancer Specialists Often Offer Options to Patients Who Are Facing a Difficult Diagnosis

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The holidays were great. Friends and family visited, you played hours of games of cards and explored new board games as well. You laughed. You laughed so hard you cried. You stayed up late and woke up early, ready to tackle day after day of spending time with the people who you love the very most.
At the end of the busy break, however, you realize that it was something more than just a house full of company that had been on your mind. With an unexplainable pain and a struggle to even wake up and get out of bed in the morning, you feared that it was more than the end of the holiday break that had you down.
Have You Recently Received a Difficult Cancer Diagnosis?
A diagnosis of cancer is no way to begin the new year. Unfortunately, every single day there are thousands of people who find out that they have this disease, so the beginning of the new year is no exception. Fortunately, there are new advanced cancer treatment options that provide many patients with the hope

Top Reasons To Visit Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

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If you’re looking for comprehensive medical care, consider a multicare urgent care clinic. Urgent care locations are prominent throughout the United States, serving upwards of three million people over the course of a single week. Staffed by more than 20,000 doctors, urgent care clinics provide a viable alternative to going to the emergency room or even your general care practitioner’s office (something that will be more than ideal if you develop the need for medical help during hours that your regular doctor doesn’t work).

After all, up to 85% of all urgent care clinics are actually open each and every single day of the week. Though it is not the norm, some urgent care centers are even open 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week, providing round the clock care for those who might develop the need for it. For many people, going to a walk-in clinic will save them time as well as money, making the need for the walk in urgent care center more prevalent than ever before.


What Everyone Should Know About Urgent Care Locations

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Urgent care clinics have long been providing immediate care to those in need of it – for the past 20 years now, as a matter of fact. And in that time, the number of urgent care locations has spread immensely, reaching more than 7,000 by the time we had hit the year of 2016 and only continuing to grow and grow in the years that have followed since. Nowadays, more than 20,000 doctors and other such medical professionals are employed throughout the country at various urgent care locations. In addition to this, up to three million people get immediate treatment from urgent care centers over the course not of a year or even a month, but during the duration of just one single week. There is no denying that this is something that is quite impressive indeed.

But why is this the case? For one thing, the breadth of immediate treatment that can be provided at any given walk in urgent care ce

Why An Urgent Care Visit Is A Good Choice For Your Health

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It’s no secret that everyone’s busy these days. Between work and school and kids and church and social clubs and other things, it seems like no one can find a minute to spare.

That’s especially true when it comes to getting sick. With how busy people are these days, people don’t want to be sick and they don’t have the time to be sick. But every flu season, millions of people come down with the flu. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people slip and fall and scrape themselves and ache and hurt.

When sickness or dizziness or back pain or any number of other common ailments arise, the best option for your health is to visit a walk in medical clinic.

Why visit a walk in medical clinic such as an urgent care? In these fast moving times, when you’re sick you want easy, affordable, quick medical care so you can get back to everyday life. More than three million people across the United States visit urgent care facilities every week and it’s not hard to see why tha

Considerations For Visiting A Local Medical Clinic

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If you’re looking to get comprehensive medical care, consider your local medical clinic. A medical clinic can provide more medical help than you might think, and presents a viable alternative to the typical doctor’s office or emergency room. For one thing, a medical clinic can treat a wide variety of injuries.

Ankle sprains are commonly seen in the typical walk in medical clinic. After all, up to 25,000 of them occur in a single day here within the United States alone. And an ankle sprain can occur much more easily than you might realize, with more than three quarters (around 80%, to be just a bit more precise) of all sprains caused simply by an inward rolling of the ankle, an inversion. And there is no doubt about it that an inversion can happen quite simply throughout the course of day to day life.

But while some ankle sprains are relatively minor, others will be much more serious indeed. Some might worry that they have actually fractured the ankle in question, not just spr