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How Medical Check-in Software Can Improve Documentation and Efficiency


An orthopedic practice can be a busy place, with a continuous stream of injured patients. Digitizing patient intakes with orthopedic check-in software can make the entire process smoother and more efficient for both patients and providers. It also helps improve patient engagement. By replacing the traditional sign-in sheet with a check-in kiosk, it enables medical practices to update their offices and meet millennial expectations.

What is medical check-in software?
In a world where almost everything is being digitized, medical offices have tended to maintain the old-fashioned way of checking in patients. The paper sign-in sheets fastened on a clipboard have a number of disadvantages. Because people are usually stressed, injured, or ill when they arrive at the doctor’s office, their writing can be shaky and difficult to read.
When their information is later entered into the computer by a staff person, mistakes can be made, especially with spellings and numbers. This problem affects the accuracy of documentation. New medical check-in software allows patents to enter their information digitally, via a kiosk in the doctor’s office or online using their tablets or computers. This makes for greater accuracy and also streamlines the check-in process.

Advantages of medical digital check-in software
Medical check-in software transforms the patient experience. Since most people spend their working hours on a keyboard anyway, they are less likely to make mistakes when filling up the digital form via the paperless digital check-in software. Medical software also helps to maintain the privacy of patient information, unlike paper forms which can be left lying around for anyone to read.
This improves the patient experience, and also helps to keep busy practices like family medicine offices to remain in compliance with HIPAA. The information becomes part of the online documentation on the patient and can be easily shared across the practice. For a busy orthopedic office, orthopedic check-in software can reduce waiting time for patients who are already suffering discomfort from injury or illness. Orthopedic check-in software can also contribute to to improving overall efficiency and revenues.

For busy doctors offices, switching to digitized check-in using orthopedic check-in software has many benefits. It can make the entire process of documentation and record-keeping more streamlined and accurate, and improve the office visit experience for patients

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