Cancer Specialists Often Offer Options to Patients Who Are Facing a Difficult Diagnosis

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The holidays were great. Friends and family visited, you played hours of games of cards and explored new board games as well. You laughed. You laughed so hard you cried. You stayed up late and woke up early, ready to tackle day after day of spending time with the people who you love the very most.
At the end of the busy break, however, you realize that it was something more than just a house full of company that had been on your mind. With an unexplainable pain and a struggle to even wake up and get out of bed in the morning, you feared that it was more than the end of the holiday break that had you down.
Have You Recently Received a Difficult Cancer Diagnosis?
A diagnosis of cancer is no way to begin the new year. Unfortunately, every single day there are thousands of people who find out that they have this disease, so the beginning of the new year is no exception. Fortunately, there are new advanced cancer treatment options that provide many patients with the hope

Proton Therapy For Non Cancerous Brain Tumors

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Cancer has long since been one of the toughest medical challenges for the medical community to face, from prostate cancer treatment options to brain cancer treatment, but recent strides have been made to confront this disease. Now, proton therapy shows promise to become the most precise, thorough, and least damaging form of anti cancer treatment, especially compared to X rays and conventional chemotherapy. More and more centers are being built to fight cancer, and brain cancer treatment and others can be handled at these sites.

How Proton Therapy Works

Proton treatment is applied with a particular machine called a synchrotron, according to Cancer. This device performs radiation therapy, but unlike the conventional kind, this machine will excite proton particles inside it, giving them high energy levels. These excited protons are then issued from a nozzle in a ti