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Knowing the Difference Between ADD and ADHD

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Add and adhd evaluation

To some degree, we can all be a little spacey, disorganized, or get easily sidetracked, with any number of things demanding our attention NOW. But if it starts to feel extreme — you’re constantly frazzled from running late all the time or find yourself often getting called out by your peers or acquaintances as rude or disorganized, for example — you might want to test for ADD or talk to your doctor. Though almost 6.5 children in America (between the ages of four and 17) have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD is something different — and yes, adults can have it too. Luckily, there’s been more research and public awareness about both ADD and ADHD in recent years, so it’s becoming less stigmatized and easier to understand in regards of what signs are and how to treat it, with ADD testing and assessments.

How To Recognize Symptoms Of Burnout

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Workplace stress

For many people in many professions, all across the United States, recovery from severe burnout is often necessary. In fact, stress originating from work causes around one million absences from work every day in the United States. Around two thirds of all American employees, men and women both, consider their jobs to have a considerably impact on their overall stress level. Of these employees, around 25%, one in four, has taken at least one mental health day because of work related stress. These employees often experience burnout symptoms like workplace anger and physical exhaustion.

But though anyone can have job stress or job burnout, physicians in the United States are more likely to be in need of a

5 Reasons to Visit Urgent Care

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Denver co walk in clinic

An urgent care facility is the best place to get medical care for anything that isn’t a life-threatening emergency. Whether you need a flu vaccination, an x-ray, or treatment for a sinus infection, here are five reasons you should go to an urgent care center first:

Urgent Care is More Convenient Than a Doctor’s Office

If you try to arrange an appointment at a doctor’s office, you’ll have to wait for their schedule to be open. This could mean taking your kids out of school or taking time off work for yourself. No one wants to do that for something like a simple flu vaccination. In fact, the CDC reports that half the adult visits to the ER that don’t result in hospital admission happened just because those patient’s doctors’ offices were closed.

Urgent Care is Faster Than the Emergency

How Drug Treatment Centers Can Provide New Hope To Addicts

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Prescott arizona drug treatment centers

Drug addiction can be incredibly difficult to overcome, and emotionally draining for both the addict and the addict’s family and close friends. Fortunately, drug rehab centers can provide the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, and can give the addict the necessary support and structure in order to overcome their addiction and get back to their lives. Drug rehab centers can treat a number of different kinds of addiction, from heroin to prescription pain killers, and can prevent addicts from developing new addictions.

Addiction is unfortunately relatively common an

4 Things You Can Go to Urgent Care For

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Issaquah urgent care

Your local walk-in medical care clinic may just be one of the best places you don’t know about. It’s the ultimate source for convenient and affordable medical care. Head into a walk-in medical care clinic and you don’t need an appointment, but you won’t be waiting in line for hours like you would at the emergency room. Every year about three million patients visit America’s urgent care clinics. You should also be in your walk-in medical clinic if you need help with any of these:

Routine Medical Exams and Physicals

Your local walk-in medical care clinic is a great and convenient place to get your annual physical, exams for reproductive health or cancer screenings, or even for kid

A Look at the Life of Someone Who Suffers from Hyperhidrosis

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Treatments for hyperhidrosis

There are eight million people in the United States who suffer from hyperhidrosis. These people can sweat as much as four to five times more than other people who do not have this problem. This is considered to be a leading cause of excessive sweating. The most common cause of excessive sweating is referred to as primary focal hyperhidrosis and impacts between 1% and 3% of the general population.

Facts about hyperhidrosis:

  • People who suffer from this usually are healthy and have no other serious medical issues.
  • Because it can cause a decrease in the quality of life for people who suffer from it, it has been called a “silent handicap.”
  • There is some evidence that

What You Need to Know About Hair Drug Testing

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Dot drug and alcohol test consortium

More and more companies are using drug and alcohol tests for their current and potential employees. At least 62% of businesses have started to use rapid drug screens and hair follicle drug tests to make sure their workers are safe, they are in full compliance with federal and state regulations, protect their brand’s reputation, and promote a work environment that is free of drugs.

One kind of drug screening that is being used more and more is a hair drug test. While this is not effective at testing for drug usage within the last five days, for that the rapid drug scr

All About Urgent Care Centers

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The landscape of American health care is always changing. The private doctors’ offices are slowly disappearing, and replacing a visit to the doctor’s office with one to the emergency room costs more, wastes time, and also wastes resources. To fill the gap for those who need medical treatment, the urgent care industry has been growing steadily over the last few years. Read on for some important facts about urgent care centers.

There are Plenty of Urgent Care Clinics to Choose From

There are currently at least 9,000 in the United States, and 85% of them are open seven days a week. Approximately three million patients visit America’s urgent care centers every week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America.

Urgent Care Can Be a Great Way to See a Doctor

Unlike with tradit

What is Coolsculpting, and Who is it For?

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Coolsculpting barboursville wv

What is coolsculpting? If you’ve never heard of it, read on to learn more.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is the common name for a procedure known as cryolipolysis. This is a nonsurgical procedure that freezes some of a person’s fat cells, which are then broken down and removed by the body’s liver.

How Long as Coolsculping Been Around?

This is a pretty new cosmetic procedure. Things like acne scar removal, hair removal, or wrinkle treatment have been around for a while, but coolsculping has only been approved for use in the United States since 2012. However, so far it has proven to be both safe and effective.

What are the Risks of Coolsculpting?

The research done so far has found that

5 Tips for Those Beginning Cycling Classes

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Barre classes lexington ky

Exercise is an important of anybody’s life, but what kind of exercise you choose is not as important as the fact that you do it. Some choose running, some choose walking, while others choose yoga, and some choose cycling studios to get their workout. A little more than one-third of all individuals who exercise regularly do so in some type of fitness class, and cycling is an excellent class that helps burn up to 260 calories per hour. If you’re considering joining an exercise class, such as a cycling studio, understand that it is not like your typical gym, and there are a few things you should keep in mind.


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