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4 Things You Can Go to Urgent Care For

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Your local walk-in medical care clinic may just be one of the best places you don’t know about. It’s the ultimate source for convenient and affordable medical care. Head into a walk-in medical care clinic and you don’t need an appointment, but you won’t be waiting in line for hours like you would at the emergency room. Every year about three million patients visit America’s urgent care clinics. You should also be in your walk-in medical clinic if you need help with any of these:

Routine Medical Exams and Physicals

Your local walk-in medical care clinic is a great and convenient place to get your annual physical, exams for reproductive health or cancer screenings, or even for kids signing up for sports. In many walk-in clinics, you can make appointments, but it’s just as easy to walk in and see one of the 20,000 physicians employed in urgent care locations around America today.

Acute Care for Non-Life Threatening Conditions

Sometimes you really need medical attention quickly, but you don’t have a life-threatening condition that requires a hospital and emergency room. What does this mean? It means if you suspect you’re having a heart attack, the emergency room is for you. If you have a migraine, a bad sprain, the flu, or a respiratory infection, you can get treatment at your local walk-in medical care clinic.

Preventative Care

Not only can you get routine exams like physicals and wellness checks, but your local walk-in urgent care center can also help you and your family stay up-to-date on immunizations, administer booster shots, and help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or problems with the thyroid or gastrointestinal system.

Minor Medical Procedures

Four out of five urgent care centers can take care of minor fractures. Your local walk-in medical care clinic can also help you with lacerations and stitches, lance and drain abscesses, remove certain abnormalities of the skin, or help you deal with warts and skin tags. They can also help you if you have an unfortunate run-in with poison ivy, which is a good thing: 85% of people are allergic to it and it’s found in every state except Hawaii and Alaska.

If you have a cold or the flu, if you need a minor medical procedure done, or even if you just need a physical done and can’t find a convenient time to schedule it in at a doctor’s office, try an urgent care clinic near you.

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Three Reasons Why Urgent Care Is So Valuable As Treatment Alternative

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Many parents of young children can remember when they, themselves, were children. There was no in between option for being sick or getting injured. Treating an injury or a cold usually meant waiting for a long period of time. That, however, is no longer the case for those of us who have found the latest trend in medical treatment–the urgent care facility.

Urgent care facilities treat injuries and illnesses that are not so severe that a trip to the emergency room is warranted. The doctors at these types of clinics can treat a broader range of illnesses and injuries, having more time to give the attention necessary to every patient who walks in. Urgent care doctors can see more patients and have the ability to diagnose and treat conditions that are not emergencies or life-threatening. This is the in between medical service.

With all of the discussions going on in the United States today about healthcare, one thing is undeniable: more doctors are seeing more patients because of the changes that are being made regarding how medical visits are being done. The new way of practicing certain types of medicine is changing everything. Here are three ways that is being done.

1.) Eighty-five percent of urgent care facilities nationwide are open seven days a week.

In the days gone by, there were very few options for treatment after regular business hours if you injured yourself or became ill with the flu or some other virus. Now, with this new form of medical practice, getting seen and treated is much more convenient. More than eight out of ten offices are open on the weekends, making it a much better way to serve patients.

2.) There are many doctors all over the country who have moved to this form of medical practice.

Imagine you are traveling across the country. While none of us can predict when and where we might get sick or become injured, we can rest assured that just about anywhere we go we can find a doctor who can treat our medical problems. Right now, there are roughly 20,000 doctors who are practicing urgent care medicine. So, whether you are at an office in Portland, Maine or visiting a Tacoma urgent care clinic in Washington, you are sure to find a physician to treat you.

3.) More people are able to be seen for treatment with this form of medical practice.

According to the Urgent Care Association of America, urgent care centers across the country see approximately 3 million patients every week. Because of the availability of doctors and the hours the offices keep, people are less likely to put off going in to see the doctor for something they might not have bothered to have treated twenty years ago.

Access to quality healthcare is something that every individual should have. When primary care physicians have closed their offices for their normal end of day hours, urgent care centers can provide easy access to quality treatment from extremely qualified doctors. If you have never visited an urgent care facility, you might be surprised at what you find.

What you can expect is something much more than bare bones set up that simply preps patients to be seen at another facility when that facility is open once again. You will find doctors, nurses, and staff members who are fully qualified and ready to help treat your injury or illness quickly, competently, and will the best resources you can find.