What Is Neurological Rehab?


There are many different types of physical therapy out there and they each use different methods to treat certain issues within the body. One such practice is called neurological rehab although it differs from traditional physical therapy. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about neurological rehabilitation so that you can better understand what makes it unique and what makes it work well.

Instead of putting a patient on medication, this type of rehab focuses on different types of exercises. Practitioners of this type of physical therapy will work with pathology if it is a viable option for that particular patient.

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However, these practitioners also understand the connection between the body and the brain via evoked potential. With the proper triggering or stimulating of neurons, improvements can be made within someone’s body to help them function properly. The cells will begin to repair themselves as they should have done naturally. It is up to the practitioner to be able to identify which kinds of stimuli are right for the patient.


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