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Understanding Burnout Symptoms and How They Affect Health


Burnout recovery strategies

Job burnout is something everyone experiences more than once in their life, but most folks don’t know what it is or how to manage it. Stress in the workplace causes over one million people in the United States alone to stay home from work. It may be dealing with customers, co-workers, a boss, or simply being overscheduled and not having enough time to recharge and take care of one’s self. Learn more about burnout symptoms and how to manage a work-life balance that doesn’t leave one feeling overwhelmed.

Know What Burnout Symptoms Consist Of

Burnout symptoms include being overtired, not caring about work or the quality of work, and feeling hopeless. Although some jobs have a higher rate or burnout than others, anyone can develop burnout regardless of their job. For example, doctors 35 and younger have a burnout rate of over 40%. However, a person working a customer service job can get just as burned out if they work a lot of hours for low wages, and don’t have time to manage basics in life. Not being able to clean their house, run errands, or do things for themselves can be draining. burnout does not discriminate who it affects.

Know There is Treatment for Burnout

Many people think there is no solution to workplace stress, and no way to manage their lifestyle. This could not be further from the truth, and there are plenty of solutions. Solutions for burnout range depending on the individual and their situation. This includes finding a new job or working within the same industry, but in a different setting. Exercise, medication, and therapy are all useful ways to recover from stress burnout symptoms. Just because a situation seems difficult doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever.

Decide What Options Work Best

When seeking treatment of burnout, there is more than one way to solve the problem. Look for long-term solutions, rather than ones that only last a day. For example, many people call in sick to work when they need a mental health day. While there is nothing wrong with this, burnout treatment is most effective when the person experiencing the problem understands the causes and looks for solutions to that specific problem. Seek a change of scenery or working in a different department, if they work you are currently doing is causing more stress than it is worth.

Burnout symptoms affects individuals of all ages across a variety of careers. By learning about why they are experiencing problems and what they can do to correct them, individuals can get the help they need and live a life that is relatively free of stress. They will find more satisfaction with their job and have a happier life. Understand that there is treatment for burnout and the sooner you get started fixing the problem, the happier you will feel in your personal life and work alike. Get the help needed today, and learn how to manage burnout once and for all.

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