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Indoor Play Structures for Children


Exercise is very important for everyone’s health, and this certainly includes children. A child needs regular physical activity to build muscle and coordination, burn calories, maintain a healthy weight, and grow up with a strong mind. In fact, studies show that children who don’t get regular activity may suffer limits to their mental growth as they get older. Fortunately, children have all sorts of outlets for their exercise needs, ranging from parks and playgrounds to joining an amateur sports team or taking martial arts classes. If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play, then kids indoor play structures and indoor soft play equipment makes for a great backup. A commercial indoor jungle gym features many of the same equipment as an outdoor set, except it’s found inside a roomy structure. The owners of fast food restaurants, shopping malls, churches, and fitness centers can look for indoor playground for sale, and have them installed with the help of contractors.

Children and Exercise

Many studies and surveys are done every year to track the current state of American public health, and this includes exercise levels. An unfortunate trend shows that Americans of all ages are often falling short of their general exercise quotas, and the CDC and American Heart Association (AHA) set guidelines for both adults and children. In particular, the AHA has recommended that all children aged two and up get at least one hour’s worth of moderate physical activity each day. Similarly, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association classifies “healthy to an active level” as 25 minutes of high-calorie-burning physical activity three times per week, though many people fall short of these standards.

Why? Many children today are spending a lot of time using electronic screens, both stationary and mobile devices, and two in three surveyed parents expressed concern about this. With few exceptions, these electronic activities don’t involve any physical exertion. This, combined with a diet of fast food and processed food, can lead to childhood obesity, which comes with its own problems. So, parents can take their kids to a local park for playing soccer or tag, for example, and bring them to indoor playgrounds during rainy weather or during a busy shopping trip.

An Indoor Playground For Sale

Business and enterprise owners can look fr a wholesale indoor playground for sale, or order such equipment piecemeal and have it all installed in their facility. An indoor playground for sale may feature many pieces of hardware a child may like, ranging from plastic slides to tubes that they can climb in, to ball pits, monkey bars, climbable ramps, and much more. Such an indoor playground for sale can greatly add appeal to any family-friendly business, since parents will appreciate the opportunity to drop off their youngsters at the play area while they conduct their business.

For example, fast food restaurants often look for a indoor playground for sale, and once installed, these facilities feature prominently in the annex, with large windows. Kids can exert themselves and have a good time in these structures while all the parents can have time to themselves. It may be a good idea, though, for children to carefully wash their hands after using the equipment. Meanwhile, indoor structures like these can be found in some shopping malls, where children can occupy themselves for an hour or two while their parents or guardians can shop. Such indoor structures usually feature benches, where responsible adults can sit and monitor everything. A church or similar house of worship may also feature a play area like this for day care purposes, along with a fenced-off outdoor play area for good weather.

Don’t forget fitness centers and gyms, either. Such gyms are meant for adult guests, who can jog on the track and use weights, and take classes. These are not kid-friendly, so parents can bring their children to a side room where play equipment can be found. In there, the child can have fun with sports balls, a jungle gym, hula hoops, a small basketball hoop, and anything else that the fitness center can stock. This allows parents to keep their kids busy and happy while using the fitness center for their own work, such as jogging or a spin class.

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