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How Are You Keeping Your Children Away From Screen Time While You Shelter in Place?

The physical teacher from your son’s elementary school has worked overtime to create a menu full of items that children can select from to stay active while they are away from school in these most unusual times. The goal for remote learning in PE class, according to the teacher, is to allow the students to be physically active at home while at the same time making an effort to limit their screen time. The PE teacher informed you and other parents that the students are expected to participate in the activities tow to three times a week for 20 to 25 minutes. He has provided photos of himself demonstrating the different fitness exercises, and has included everything from forgotten jump rope rhymes and how to use a deck of cards to exercise.
Whether the students are pulling an eight of spades that indicates eight pushups or they are following along, with their parents, to some relaxing morning yoga, the teacher has provided many ideas of how to keep your son active while he is learning

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Indoor Play Structures for Children

Exercise is very important for everyone’s health, and this certainly includes children. A child needs regular physical activity to build muscle and coordination, burn calories, maintain a healthy weight, and grow up with a strong mind. In fact, studies show that children who don’t get regular activity may suffer limits to their mental growth as they get older. Fortunately, children have all sorts of outlets for their exercise needs, ranging from parks and playgrounds to joining an amateur sports team or taking martial arts classes. If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play, then kids indoor play structures and indoor soft play equipment makes for a great backup. A commercial indoor jungle gym features many of the same equipment as an outdoor set, except it’s found inside a roomy structure. The owners of fast food restaurants, shopping malls, churches, and fitness centers can look for indoor playground for