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Finding Wholesale Playground Equipment


Children have a need for daily exercise and burning calories, and many medical studies have confirmed that a child’s health greatly benefits from regular exercise. In fact, not only will exercise develop a child’s muscles and coordination, but also bolster their mental and cognitive development as well. And it is not just them; all human beings have a natural need for exertion, as the human race evolved from primates who ran and hunted game for a living rather than eat fruit in trees. The bad news is that many children today fall short of their natural exercise quotas, and that, combined with poor diets, may lead to overweight or even obese children. The good news, however, is that any parent may decide to take the initiative on their child’s health and take them to playgrounds and enroll them in sports classes. Many parks have outdoor playgrounds, and many facilities today also have an indoor playground for kids. Commercial indoor play structures can be purchased wholesale when a business owner decides to install such hardware, and patrons may appreciate it. When is it time to find a wholesale kids indoor play structure?

Why Install An Indoor Playground for Sale

Many studies are conducted every year to track the health of Americans young and old, and this includes how American eat and how often they exercise. Meanwhile, the American Heart Association has set some guidelines for children and adults, and children over two years old should engage in at least an hour’s worth of moderate physical activity daily. However, many children fall short of that, often because they spend all their time indoors, and they are often using electronic screen-based devices instead. The numbers show that children under 18 years old spend hours per day on these screens, even during school days, and their exercise needs often go unmet. Just under one in three American children today meet the Sports and Fitness Industry’s classification of “active to a healthy level.” Such an activity level is simply 25 minutes of high calorie-burning physical activity three times each week.

Not only that, but children often don’t eat well. That is, they are often eating fast food and highly processed food, just like their parents are. These foods are inexpensive and have added sugars and fats to make them taste better, but at the cost of the consumer’s health. All of these sugars and fats add pounds of fat quickly, and this is a major reason for child and adult obesity rates alike. One in three American adults is overweight or obese, and nationally, nearly 18.5% of children are considered obese. Parents can take charge of this situation and handle their children’s health, while business owners may find an indoor playground for sale from contractors and install it in their facilities. What sort of premises might be looking for indoor playground for sale?

Set Up That Equipment

Not all businesses are looking for an indoor playground for sale; a bank, for example, probably will not have one, neither will an auto shop or a funeral home. But other businesses indeed make use of them, such as an actual gym or fitness club. This is a natural place to install an indoor playground. Not only are the premises based on exercise anyway, but such gyms are often in strip malls or other locations where there is no room for an outdoor playground. Adult gym equipment such as a pool, weights, stationary bikes, and a track are all indoor, and so will the children’s area. This way, the gym will appeal to patrons at any time of year and regardless of weather, and strip mall gyms can fit everything inside. Patrons may visit for their own exercise needs, then escort their children to the indoor play area. Other patrons’ children may be there, too.

Fast food restaurants often have indoor play areas as well, and these indoor playgrounds may boost the restaurant’s family-friendly atmosphere. Some particular brands are known for doing this, and the play area may have large windows so that passing people on the outside can see them, and a child may like what they see. The child may want to spend time at the restaurant for lunch and fun in the indoor playground.

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