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Identifying Causes of Workplace Anger is Just the Beginning


Causes of workplace anger

This world that we live in is a wondrous place. There is so much to see and do, so much to marvel at and to learn, so many people to meet and get to know. Opportunities abound at every turn, and especially in today’s modern world, with advanced technology at our fingertips and more comforts than most of our ancestors could even dream of, life is a beautiful thing. Or at least it should be. The problem with so many parts of society is that this beauty that we now have every resource at our disposal to experience often gets missed, because of the demands, expectations, and pressure to live a certain way in this world.

The true misfortune of the modern world is that for all of the progress and advancements that have been made, humanity seems to be missing out on more than ever.

Understanding the mental missing links

We have boundless knowledge, art, history, and innovation at our fingertips. On paper, it seems that humanity should be thriving, happier than ever. And by some standards, those which do not take human emotion into account, we are indeed succeeding. Science, medicine, and technology have made incredible breakthroughs. But mentally and emotionally, human beings are collectively stunted. The vast majority of education completely avoids delving into issues related to feelings or mental and emotional development. Traditionally, these things are not important. But we have seen where that perspective has gotten us. There are more mass shootings and incarcerated individuals than ever before. People have no outlet, no guidance, no help when it comes to psychological issues or even learning to deal with the types of energy created by certain emotions. We are societies attempting to cure the effects rather than the causes, and it is not working.

Psychological issues in the workplace

It has been estimated that stress caused by the job results in around 1 million individuals missing work every day across the country. When the majority of individuals are never taught to properly deal with stress, their emotions, or conflict, it can too easily lead to less than favorable work conditions or confrontations. The focus and standards of society are on the profits and success of the corporation, not on the wellness of the people helping to attain those desirable levels of success. People are treated like cogs in a machine, or mere pawns on a chess board, so it really can’t be taken as a surprise when those people start to fall apart. People were never meant to be treated and used as so many of them are. Stressful jobs, an inability to find a manageable balance between work and personal life, and a lack of focus on what’s most important are often the leading causes of workplace anger, which doesn’t help anyone.

Dealing with the causes of workplace anger

Managing anger in the workplace can be a tricky thing, especially if it is not the root that is being dealt with. Causes of workplace anger are numerous, and though some companies are taking the positive steps to actually address job stress or even identify symptoms of being overtired, which can lead to negative emotions or moods, there are still major steps that have yet to be taken as a whole. Having an onsite counselor or hosting training seminars to teach employees how to handle anger in the workplace are just a couple of ways that we can start to change an outdated and by now dangerous system. Learning to communicate openly, ensuring that every employee feels valued and appreciated, and finding a way to provide the right balance for wellness are also crucial factors.

Learning to identify some of the causes of workplace anger is just one step in a long journey of ensuring stability and happiness on a more widespread scale. In a world where more than 66% of men and women report feeling that work has a major impact on their levels of stress, and one in four individuals has called to take a day off due to stress, there is a lot of work to do to make things right again.

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