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Proton Therapy For Non Cancerous Brain Tumors

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Cancer has long since been one of the toughest medical challenges for the medical community to face, from prostate cancer treatment options to brain cancer treatment, but recent strides have been made to confront this disease. Now, proton therapy shows promise to become the most precise, thorough, and least damaging form of anti cancer treatment, especially compared to X rays and conventional chemotherapy. More and more centers are being built to fight cancer, and brain cancer treatment and others can be handled at these sites.

How Proton Therapy Works

Proton treatment is applied with a particular machine called a synchrotron, according to Cancer. This device performs radiation therapy, but unlike the conventional kind, this machine will excite proton particles inside it, giving them high energy levels. These excited protons are then issued from a nozzle in a ti

Men, Get a Great Shave With the Right Supplies

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Men’s grooming can be anywhere on the body, and often, this results in a fresher, cleaner, more appealing physique in all kinds of ways. The most prominent and classic way for men to stay groomed, one could argue, is the face. Whiskers, beards, mustaches… they’re all a part of life for a man, and keeping the face groomed and/or shaved just right is the key to a great look. And plenty of men have facial hair to go around: today, 39% of American men have facial hair, a climb of 15% from just five years ago, and some of them put away the razors so they can grow it out. In all age groups, in fact, the number of men who don’t shave at all has gone up, and is at 20%. Facial hair care is essential for a good look, and for the rest of men, shaving just right will lead to smooth, perfect skin. Men’s body care covers a few other areas, too, but mens shaving supplies is a big one. Deodorant for men, beard care, and shaving cream and more are all at the modern man’s disposal. Where to start?

The Benefits of Customizing Your Bike

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Biking is more than a hobby for many folks. It’s a mode of transportation, a form of exercise, and a way to blow off steam after a long day. If you’ve ever gone to a bicycle shop, you know it’s possible to create one that suits your needs. Bicycling has become popular over the years, with over 66 million people that cycled within the past year. Learn more about the benefits of having a bike that’s custom for you. From bike bags to end caps for handlebars, you’ll find a variety of ways to make your bike work for you.

You Can Create a Bike Made For Your Lifestyle

If you find yourself commuting to work, you’ll want your bike to feel comfortable for the ride there. You might want different brake levers or a bike bag to carry items in. Adding the right accessories in makes it easier to get to your destination and increases the chance you’ll use the bike. Biking saves over 200 million gallons of gas per year, so you’re not just helping yourself but the environm

Taking a Look At Hair Restoration Procedures

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From scalp micropigmentation to a FUE hair transplant, hair restoration has become more common than ever before – and there are more options for hair restoration than ever before as well. After all, hair loss is certainly far from an uncommon thing here in the United States, impacting the lives of men and women alike. In fact, up thirty five million men are dealing with some stage of the hair loss process, and up to forty percent of the women in the United States – nearly half – are dealing or will at some point deal with alopecia, specifically androgenic alopecia, a condition that leads to varying levels of hair loss. This means that more than twenty five million women are going through the process of hair loss at the current date (twenty eight million women, to be more exact).

While hair loss over the course of time is not necessarily an abnormal thing, especially for men, it is something that can certainly effect the life of the balding person tremendously. In fact, many men wh

Knee Wraps for the Best Weightlifting

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Weightlifting is a major component of any modern fitness and body-building program, as well as sports training and being a sport in its own right. The human body stands to gain much from lifting weights, whether powerlifting or using dumbbells. There are also health risks involved in improper or overly stressful workouts; almost 65% of weightlifting injuries are due to overuse, although the benefits are many. Body fat can be reduced by up to 7% from adding just two weight training sessions a week, and with 650 muscles in the human body, there are plenty of ways to work out and get moving. Some equipment can augment weightlifting, anything from wrist wraps to knee wraps and knee sleeves to powerlifting socks. Finding the right gear for the workout is key to success.

Knee Wraps and Knee Sleeves

These two types of equipment may sound the same, and while the both go over the weightlifter’s knees, they are made of different material and used for different results, as well as c

A Guide to Weight Loss Maintenance

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Right now, America is currently facing a serious weight problem. There are more obese people in the country than ever before due to fast food and excessively large portions. as a result, there are more people now trying to lose weight and learn about weight loss maintenance information.

A recent study has revealed that more than one in three adults are considered to be obese. Therefore, it is easy to understand why so many people are trying to get help from a nutritionist or weight loss programs. So you are not alone if you are looking for some help with weight loss maintenance and more. As a matter of fact, you are in the good majority if you take time to implement dietary restrictions and daily exercises.

Preparing For Baby? What You Can Do To Make Sure Everything Is In Order

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They say that once you hit a certain age your biological clock begins to tick. Everything sweet and innocent makes your ovaries explode and you’re ready for that time in life where you’re caring for someone who is not yourself. There are many steps that must be taken before a little one grows in your womb. In fact, if you are over the age of 30 your chances for sustaining a pregnancy begin to drop severely, but 35 your chances are even less. That being said, a couple who is between 29 and 33 have only a 20-15% chance of becoming pregnant from month to month, and that is only if everything in their reproductive system is good as gold. These statistics might sound a bit scary, who would have thought things would become quite so tough as the time ticks by? This is the reason to find the best gynecologist in Chicago suburbs and to check everything out before you start trying for a baby of your own. It is always better to know the field you are playing on before you begin the game. Here is

Recover Better From Bunion Surgery

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The human foot has its fair share of unique maladies and conditions, from flat feet to athlete’s foot to toes being broken. One particularly common ailment is the common bunion, and this area of foot health is well-known. Studies have shown that anywhere from 215% to 33% of American adults suffer from bunion deformities, and women are ten times as likely to develop them as men are, often due to wearing too-small shoes. Bunions can also develop when a person has different leg lengths, and the uneven gait and uneven pressure can form bunions on the foot of the longer leg. Around 85% of people have different-length legs, making for a large pool of people susceptible to this type of foot pain. Treatment for bunions is available, however, and foot surgery can address foot problems for any patient. Bunion pain does not have to be a lifelong affliction, and recovery time after bunion surgery can be managed.

Adults are dedic

Things to Keep in Mind When Thinking About Zerona

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If you or someone you care for are among the millions of Americans who struggle with weight loss, you might be considering some form of medical weight loss procedure. More than two out of every three adults is actually considered to be obese, so saying there are millions of people who need to lose weight is not an overstatement.

Just as there are so many folks who need to lose weight, there are reasons and dangers for being overweight. One reason is that Americans are overweight can be attributed to the amount of snack foods they consume. In America, 60% of the population eats snack food on a regular basis.

The dangers to obesity are many, as well. The risk for developing health problems increases with obesity. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are just a few of the conditions that being overweight can put one at risk for developing.

Just as there are many dangers with and reasons for being overweight, so are there many different kinds of ways to

Biking In America And Around The World

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From the leather bike saddle to seat clamps, there are many things to consider when you take up riding a bike – perhaps more than the average non bike rider would actively realize. Adeptly riding your bike is a skill to be grown, to be sure, and a popular one at that. But riding a bike well also means putting a lot of time and effort into your bike itself, from the leather bike saddle to your carbon rails (just to name a few options for customizing your ride).

Biking has become a very popular sport here in the United States (as well as elsewhere in the world, of course). In this country alone, more than twenty one million people have ridden their bikes within the last one hundred days or so. But it doesn’t stop here in the United States. No, in fact, bike riding is so universal and so popular that there are more bikes than cars in this world, and the gap between the two forms of transportation is one that is only growing and growing. In fact, there are twice as many bikes as there