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Men, Get a Great Shave With the Right Supplies


Men’s grooming can be anywhere on the body, and often, this results in a fresher, cleaner, more appealing physique in all kinds of ways. The most prominent and classic way for men to stay groomed, one could argue, is the face. Whiskers, beards, mustaches… they’re all a part of life for a man, and keeping the face groomed and/or shaved just right is the key to a great look. And plenty of men have facial hair to go around: today, 39% of American men have facial hair, a climb of 15% from just five years ago, and some of them put away the razors so they can grow it out. In all age groups, in fact, the number of men who don’t shave at all has gone up, and is at 20%. Facial hair care is essential for a good look, and for the rest of men, shaving just right will lead to smooth, perfect skin. Men’s body care covers a few other areas, too, but mens shaving supplies is a big one. Deodorant for men, beard care, and shaving cream and more are all at the modern man’s disposal. Where to start?

The Business of the Shave

Men make up about half of today’s adults, so that’s a pretty huge market for mens shaving supplies and more. Globally, the mens grooming market is expected to grow between 2012 and 2024, and by the end of that time frame, the market is expected to hit $29.14 billion (USD). Plenty of that will be for American men; by the year 2020, the mens shaving supplies market is expected to reach $3.37 billion, a 10% increase from what it is now. And even with Internet sales and markets taking off, plenty of men are choosing the familiar comfort of a brick-and-mortar store for shaving cream, good shaving oil, and more. Globally, these stores make up 80% of mens shaving supplies sales and related products. In all this big business, how do men shave?

Getting a good shave is based on using several high-quality, reliable products and following the right procedure to a smooth face. According to Real Men Real Style , there are a few steps to follow, and each uses a different product of men shaving supplies. Here is a quick guide to the right shave.

First of all, applying water to the face, whether by a shower or just splashing it on, helps soften the facial hairs. Next, a pre-shave oil is applied to the face to ensure a smooth, lubricated shave, and quality shaving cream is then applied to the skin. Using an animal hair brush in swirling motions will help get the hairs upright and away from the skin, making them easier to shave.

Now, the shaver will apply his razor to the skin, starting at the ears, and work his way down with light, even strokes with gentle pressure, and shave both with and against the grain, since hairs may grow in different directions. The shaver may also empty his blade of hairs after every few strokes so they don’t build up in the razor. Once the shaving is done, the man can apply more water to his face and pat it down with a towel to dry things off, and finally, apply aftershave to re-moisturize the face and avoid razor burn. Now a perfect smooth jaw has been achieved.

The Best of the Rest

Mens shaving supplies such as the brush, cream, and razors are essential, but men’s care can expand to the rest of the body, such as men’s deodorant for fresher armpits and blocking sweat, and different shampoos to scrub hair clean and re-moisturize it for a fresher feel and healthier hairs. Men’s razors and shaving cream can be applied to other desired parts of the body, such as the chest (swimsuit season, for example), the armpits, and even the groin and legs. Extra care should be taken when shaving sensitive body parts, and may require specialized razors and technique. No matter what, mens shaving supplies and more can keep any modern man looking and smelling fresh and ready, any time of the day.

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