Seeking Treatment for Cancer? All About Proton Therapy

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When seeking radiation treatment for cancer, going through the options can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and cause anyone’s head to spin. Exposure to radiation at all can be an alarming thought to anyone, and exploring every possible avenue is always a good idea.

Many are using proton therapy for cancer, which results in significantly less exposure to radiation. Conventional radiation goes beyond the targeted tumor, while proton therapy stops at a specific point within it.

How does this impact the patient? Take breast cancer treatment as an example. People going through proton radiation therapy, as opposed to typical radiation processes, will likely have no radiation applied to their heart and 50% less radiation applied to their lungs. That is significant and should definitely be considered when exploring options.

A person should gene

Getting a Great Home Workout

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Exercise and staying fit are not just a good idea; they are central to the health and the function of the human body. Recent science suggests that the human body is not just able to move, but it must move daily to stay healthy, and the body and mind alike reward a person who gets active, such as running, lifting weights, or anything else. Sedentary behavior is not natural to the human body, but the bad news is that today, many people and Americans have sedentary lifestyles anyway, and this can contribute to rising rats of obesity affecting both kids and adults alike. But the good news is that any able-bodied person can start effective weight loss and have a healthier lifestyle by means of eating better and getting active. Workouts of all kinds are out there for different people to try, and based on age, weight, current physical condition, and other factors, different workouts might work better for different people. Workouts can be done at home, at a public gym, or even with a personal

No Sweat? Not Possible The Science And Treatment Behind A Rare Medical Condition

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Hyperhydrosis and Its Impact on Daily Life

Hyperhidrosis is a rare and nearly invisible disorder that few understand. Primary focal hyperhidrosis, in fact, is the most common cause of excessive sweating, which has been estimated to affect approximately 1%-3% of the population. Diaphoresis is the medical term for sweating, and this disorder causes a great deal of it. On average, people have two to four million sweat glands which serve as the body’s coolant system to prevent heatstroke. Individuals suffering from the disorder could be resting on an outdoor patio with a strong breeze blowing on a cool Autumn day and still suffer the ill-effects of the disorder. Hyperhidrosis equally affects both men and women The disorder is most commonly documented among people aged 25 to 64 years. According to WebMD, some patients with the disorder often describe themselves as “dripping” with sweat, ev

Are Longer Reaching Caliper Brakes Right For Your Bike?

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As of spring 2017, an estimated 66.21 million people in the United States reported that they had gone bike riding within the last year. For many of us, using a standard – model bike to get us where we want to go suits our needs just fine.

However, for serious bikers in need of specialized equipment, what’s good for the masses just won’t do.

There are several ways to customize your bike to meet your individual needs. One way is to add some end caps for handlebars. According to some cycle sites, these not only protect the ends of your handlebars, but they can also protect you from sharp bar edges in case of an accident. Toe clips are also a good idea.

Another important consideration is the brake reach of your bike. According to Sheldon Brown, reach describes the length of a caliper brake’s arms. It is me

8 Ways to Feel Better When You Have a Cough and Cold

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All of us have experienced this. Waking up with the symptoms of a cough and cold. We may think about calling our family practice doctor or even getting an appointment with the primary care physician. There are a few things they can do, but in reality, this is a waiting game. There are some things that can and should be done, to make us feel better while we recover.

  1. Get rest. If your body is begging to stay in bed with the cat and Netflix, that is something you should do. Your immune system needs a lot of energy to battle off the viruses that cause a cough and cold. Staying home and not going to school or work also prevents the spread of the nastiness to other people.
  2. Get enough sleep. People get better sleep in their beds than on the couch so, get yourself to bed! When people do not get enough sleep, one area of the body that suffers is the immune system. You need that operating at full capacity when you are trying to get over any sort of infection. If you need

Medical Equipment Helps Create the Best Environment for Patients

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The final semester has begun. By the first weekend in May your oldest daughter will have a college degree in Biology and will have the summer and one semester off before beginning an accelerated nursing program. One year from that start date she will have completed the work for a undergraduate degree in nursing. From understanding the use of syringe pumps to how to program an IV pump, she knows that there is much about the health care industry that she does not know about, but she does know that she is committed to patient care.
After being a patient for five different surgeries in these first 21 years of her life, she remembers that a nurse is always the one who she talked to last before going under anesthesia, as well as the first person she talked to when she woke up after surgery. Those nurses have had an impact. From the trigger thumb and finger procedures that occurred when she was very young to the two ankle surgeries and one shoulder surgery during her high school and colle

Finding the Right Men’s Grooming Products

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Men today have more options than ever for personal grooming, so that many man can look and smell his best to impress. This goes beyond a stick of deodorant and a daily shower; the industry of men’s grooming around the world is much bigger than some may expect, and there’s a staggering variety of products for today’s man to try out, from after shave lotion for men to body power for guys all the way to face wash for men and beard care products. Beards and mustaches may be associated with lumberjacks and 19th century train barons, but in fact many men today also maintain a finely groomed beard or mustache, and this means having the right trimming and shaving gear possible to maintain a man’s good looks. Other men keep themselves clean-shaven on the jaw or their head, and this means that products like good razors, after shave lotion for men, certain brushes, and more are needed to get that perfect sha

Are You Confident That Your Child’s Daycare Is as Clean as Possible?

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The teacher you observed was engaging. She cared about the children and they responded to her by giving her their attention and respect. In fact, as you visited the preschool daycare setting on a couple of settings you saw these same character traits exhibited by all of the staff. Every teacher in the building, in fact, treated the children, as well as fellow coworkers, with respect. The curriculum throughout the different age levels was challenging and appropriate. By the time you enrolled your four year old daughter in the preschool program you were excited and confident about the decision.
For the first three days things went very well. By the end of the first week, however, you were concerned. Your daughter’s clothing was filthy whenever she returned from school, and she had developed quite a cough. At first, you attributed her clothing to the playground and her cough to getting used to being with so many other children. in the middle of the second week, on a day when it was to

Thinking about plastic surgery?

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Changing the way you look can be brought on by many different milestones in life and there are numerous options to choose from. You can choose to make minor changes or complete transformations. But why would someone want to change the way they look?

Changes can be brought on by a divorce. If you have recently gotten divorced you may wish to change the way you look to feel better about yourself. Whether your looking to remove the entire past you that was once there before or just want to make some minor changes it would be worth a talk with a reconstructive surgeon before deciding anything to concrete. Sometimes looking in the mirror can remind you of past times that made you unhappy and life is too short to think that way. A plastic surgeon can help you love the way you look for the rest of your new life and leave the past behind.

Weight loss can encourage people to change their look. As people lose large

The Truth About Proton Therapy

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If you are enjoying all of the benefits of the prime of your life, which may include recently paying off your home, getting the vehicle of your dreams, retiring after a lifetime of dedication to a job, or partaking in wonderful vacations with your spouse, the last thing you want to hear from your doctor is that you are now in need of treatment of prostate cancer. For most of us, cancer is a terrifying and loaded word, and its diagnosis oftentimes could not have come at a more inconvenient time. However, try to keep in mind that this news is not the end of the world for you, and you have many prostate cancer options in front of you. Here are six facts about prostate cancer and prostate cancer care.

One: One form of treatment of prostate cancer is proton therapy. This type of non-invasive cancer treatment is a newer form of radiation that stops at a very specific point in the cancer stricken tissues. In contra