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Why Footrests for Wheelchairs Are Important

Why Footrests for Wheelchairs Are Important

Footrests for wheelchairs are essential for sitting, placement, and functional freedom. When seated in the ideal wheelchair, pressure is adequately distributed across the seat cushion, preventing pressure harm to the skin.

Every year, 2 million new wheelchair users are born in the United States. Around 3.6 million persons over the age of 15 in the United States use a wheelchair.

Around 650 million individuals, or around 10% of the world’s population, have a handicap.

The footrest you choose might also affect your functional freedom and safety. When making a decision, think about the chair’s layout and your own particular transfer techniques.

What Are Footrests for Wheelchairs?

The two most prevalent forms of foot support for a wheelchair are a footrest and a leg rest. The wheelchair footrest comprises of a hanger that attaches to the wheelchair and maybe unclippe