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Turns Out 45% Of ER Visits Could Have Been Treated At Urgent Care How Much Is An Urgent Care Visit?


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Nothing stops your week faster than a sprained ankle or a cold that just won’t go away. Not only do you have to focus on your recovery, the omnipresent shadow of an incoming bill can stress you out and put you in a poor state to get back on your feet. Where do you go from here?

How much is an urgent care visit?” is a question you should become more comfortable with asking, as urgent care medicine is fast becoming the ideal way of managing life’s minor to moderate injuries, illnesses and setbacks. Characterized by short wait times, high quality care and a devotion to remaining the in-between for regular hospital visits and emergency rooms, there is a lot to benefit from when you visit your family urgent care center. If you haven’t visited a free clinic before or aren’t sure what an urgent care center can provide you in your time of need, the list below will clear up any misconceptions.

Basic Tips

How much is an urgent care visit? Often cheaper than a misconstrued emergency room visit. The function of an urgent care center is to provide you with quick, attentive medical care to any number of minor to moderate injuries or illnesses. It’s thought over three million patients visit urgent care centers each and every week. As of today around 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of 15 minutes or less. The most common complaint brought to the doctor’s office aside from abdominal pain is dizziness, the latter of which affects over 70% of the population at any given point in time.

Fractures And Sprains

If you’ve suffered a fracture recently, you’re likely asking yourself, “How much is an urgent care visit?” Cost is a major factor in American healthcare, causing many to stress over their medical options or circumvent a doctor’s visit entirely to save money. While the emergency room is necessary for extreme injuries or allergic reactions, many Americans could save money on more moderate issues by visiting an urgent care center instead. A recent study found more than one-third of all emergency room visits could have been treated at an urgent care facility instead.

Fevers And Colds

The common cold is frustrating, but manageable. Influenza can be dealt with much easier with the aid of a flu shot. When you’re coming down with a heavy fever regardless, or your cold is taking an abnormally long time to leave, visiting an urgent care center can reduce your pain and put you on the fast track toward recovery. Children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems face the largest risk of complications by influenza or the common cold. Every year Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds.

Ear Infections And Sore Throats

Pediatric urgent care ensures children are covered no matter what. Although anyone can get ear infections or sore throats, children are at a higher risk due to proximity to other kids and poor personal hygiene. It’s estimated five out of six will have at least one ear infection before they reach three years old. Another 40% of children have had three ear infections by that same time. Ear infections aren’t just painful, repeated occurrences can cause children to gradually lose their hearing. What can urgent care do? They can ensure your child is always well taken care of for an affordable price.

Dizziness And Breathing Difficulties

Not all symptoms are easy to identify. Some of the most troublesome for patients walking through the front doors of an urgent care center are dizziness, breathing difficulties and abdominal pain. While it’s perfectly normal to feel nausea before a test or some dizziness when you haven’t had enough water during the day, symptoms that cause you extreme discomfort that don’t go away for days on end need to be looked at by a professional. Urgent care centers aren’t just fast. They’re flexible, reliable and ensure you’re not out-of-pocket.

The next time you need a check-up or a flu shot, consider asking, “How much is an urgent care visit?” You’ll be more than happy with the answer.

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