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Stress Can Affect Your Appetite, Sleep And Even Heart Health The Benefits Of A Good Massage


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Who says spa treatments aren’t for everyone?

We may have different experiences, but one thing is for sure…everyone loves feeling fresh-faced. Spa treatments for men and women boast all sorts of benefits that are more than just skin deep. You can get a delicious massage to soothe your relaxed muscles or just relax in a hot tub to soak away your worries. You can get a little skin care to work away at those mounting wrinkles or sign up for a full package to get all your bases covered. No matter what you choose, spa amenities are ready to meet you halfway and get you feeling like yourself again.

What can spa treatments for men, women and children really do for overall health and wellness?

Lower Your Blood Pressure And Reduce Your Stress

Americans are dealing with more stress than ever. Looking up spa treatments for men can not just relax you, but actively make your week better than you ever imagined possible. This increasing focus on better physical and mental wellness has seen more than 175 million Americans visiting spas in 2016 alone. A survey conducted just two years prior saw over 90% of people actively viewing a regular massage as beneficial to their health and wellness. When your blood pressure starts spiking, a day resort can be just what the doctor ordered.

Loosen Your Sore Muscles And Sleep Better At Night

Tired of rolling your stiff neck? It’s time to look into finding a good day spa massage. A 2014 survey saw just over 20% of people who recently received a massage having done so at a spa. For what reason, you may ask? According to a survey provided by the American Massage Therapy Association, over 70% of individuals have claimed their main reason for receiving a massage in the past year was either for medical purposes or just to put a dent in their stress. Not only can loose muscles make you feel great, you’ll sleep much better without all that stiffness getting in the way.

Lose A Little Weight And Increase Your Self-Esteem

Believe it or not, booking a day spa appointment can help you lose weight. Saunas have been deemed great for weight loss for decades, with just a 20 minute session at 170 degrees Fahrenheit burning over 500 calories. Stress is a major contributor to gaining pounds, as well, with some people stress eating or sleeping too much as a result Burning off calories and shaving away stress is easier than ever when you look into spa treatments for men in your area. When it comes to long-term issues…the benefits just keep climbing.

Reduce Your Risk For Long-Term Illness And Live A Happier Life

Did you know stress is linked to the six leading causes of death? While this isn’t exactly a happy note, it’s worth repeating if only to get you booking that massage trip sooner rather than later! Heart disease, cancer and liver cirrhosis are but a few of the results that can come from unchecked stress. A good way to gauge whether or not your stress levels are exceeding your usual threshold is by checking your heart rate and general sleep patterns. If you’re feeling depressed, experiencing more headaches than normal or struggling to stay asleep…it’s time to look into the benefits of spas.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Spa Treatments

A spa treatment is a spiritual touch-up. You’ll loosen up your muscles with a massage and soothe away your worries with a hot soak, leaving yourself in a much better position to fall asleep at night. Shaving off a few excess pounds and wrapping up the day with a facial can bolster your self-esteem and leave you ready to take on the week. It’s even a great way to connect with your significant other or spend time with friends. It’s estimated 45% of all adults will suffer adverse health effects from stress. No matter what you’re going through, a spa day can make you feel new again.

Book an appointment this week and see how much better you live when you’re not stressed, but refreshed.

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