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Three Reasons You Need to Take Your Children to the Pediatrician


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Taking children to the pediatric office isn’t really anyone’s idea of a good time. Usually the kids are sick, or there are other sick, sniffling, miserable kids in the waiting room clinging to tired, weary-eyed parents who have clearly been sleep deprived for far too long. The reason that parents do it, and usually without complaint, is that pediatric care is essential for the health of children.

1. Vaccinations
One of the main reasons that you need to take your child or children to a pediatric physician is for vaccinations. According to United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), one vaccine can protect a child from up to five different diseases. Furthermore, only one in one million children ever suffer serious side effects from a vaccine.

2. Routine Pediatric Care
Another reason you need to take your children in to see their doctor is for routine care. It’s important to monitor a child’s health while he or she is still young to make sure that any diseases or problems are caught early enough for the most effective treatment, and that preventative measures are taken to keep the children healthy. Diseases in childhood can often last well into adulthood; in fact, 90% of obese children grow up to be obese adults.

3. To Manage Common Childhood Diseases
Pediatric care is also essential for managing childhood diseases. One of the most common is diabetes, which needs careful monitoring and care to ensure that the child stays healthy. Another is asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over seven million children in the United States suffer from it, and making sure that a child who has it knows how to manage it is important for their well being.

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