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The Importance of Seeking Out RSD Treatment Early


Lyme disease

Those who suffer debilitating conditions that affect their physical abilities often have a difficult time re-adapting to regular everyday life. Besides problems such as strokes or brain injuries that can affect motor skills, some chronic illnesses can be just as, if not more in some cases, difficult to live with.

One such condition is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). RSD is a chronic pain disorder that is associated with sensitivity to light touches, swelling, changes in skin color, temperature fluctuations, muscle weakness, abnormal sweating, and even coinciding depression. Between RSD causing lapses in regulation of both the central and autonomous nervous systems, the patient will experience severe functional loss.

Fortunately for those suffering from this condition, there is reliable RSD treatment available. Part of what allows the body to recover energy is the oxygen we breath every minute of everyday. In order to revive some of RSD patient’s energy and strength, treatments for the condition involve the introduction of more oxygen into the body. This process is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The therapeutic principle behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is based in its ability to increase the partial pressure of oxygen within the tissues of the patient’s body. This allows for rejuvenation without the need for strenuous exercise or physical therapy that their bodies would not be able to handle otherwise.

One reason it’s important to seek out RSD treatment options early, is due to how quickly the condition can worsen. Often starting in a single limb of the body, it doesn’t take long for it to spread throughout the rest. Once it does, it can become intolerably painful for the carrier to touch or even move their limbs.

If you find that a minor cut or injury is showing strange signs of overt pain, swelling, or spasms, make a point to consult a doctor about the need for RSD treatment.

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