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The Benefits of Daily Vitamin Supplements


Antioxidant supplements

Vitamins have been around for many years. You have probably considered taking vitamins or supplements at some point in your life, but you may have been overwhelmed at which vitamins you needed and wondered if they really are beneficial. Vitamin supplements can actually provide many benefits. Many of these benefits are necessary for health and energy. Vitamins have been designed for the following purposes.


You may dream about your childhood dreams that were filled with energy. You could function energetically with very little sleep. You could maybe even stay up late into the night and still awake early, with energy. As we age, our body?s energy decreases. We also are met with an increase in responsibilities and find it more difficult to get healthy amounts of sleep.

Even when we are able to rest after a long day, we may find that our minds are full of tasks that need to be completed the following day. Vitamins can increase the amount of energy that our bodies receive from food intake. It can also supplement any energy we are missing out on, based on our diets. Physical activity (or exercise) only accounts for about 20% of total energy expenditure (although it could be up to 50% in a very physically active person, and even less than 20% in a sedentary person), and the thermic effect of food (or diet induced thermogenesis) is 10%.


In addition to a loss of energy, metabolism slows down. Metabolism is responsible for weight gain and the reuptake of energy. Not only will you find it more difficult to get the necessary energy to exercise, you will find that your diet choices affect you even more. Some digestive enzyme supplements, however, have the ability to increase your metabolism?s rate. Hormonal support vitamins also can correct hormonal imbalances, which may be responsible for a slowed metabolism, and increased weight gain. Metabolic activity of muscle accounts for about 25% of total energy expenditure compared to fat at only 5%.


Digestive enzyme supplements are also beneficial for immunity or as antioxidant supplements. The best antioxidant vitamins are ones that have the ability to strengthen the immune system. Your body?s immune system is a necessary part in preventing and then fighting off illness. With a lowered immune system, you are more likely to get sick. You will also find that you have a harder time fighting off common colds and other illnesses. Antioxidant supplements benefits can also help to prevent these common illnesses.

Digestive control

Many of the foods we eat on a daily basis are overly processed and contain a lot of genetically modified ingredients. These ingredients can cause harm to our bodies. They can cause stomach pains, a feeling of being bloated, and constant fatigue. When you are constantly feeling sluggish, many nutritionists will recommend a full detox. A detox involves flushing your body out of these ingredients and essentially starting over. Detox support supplements are great in combination with digestive enzyme supplements.

To correct deficiencies

There are many vitamin deficiencies that can occur. Each of them cause their own set of symptoms. A blood test should be given yearly from your primary physician. If you are deficient, digestive enzyme supplements are an easy way to increase the levels. Your physician will continue to monitor you until you are in a safe measurement.

Your specific medical conditions may also influence your levels and your vitamin supplement needs. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that exclusively and partially breastfed infants received supplements of 400 IU per day of vitamin D shortly after birth and continue to receive their supplements until they are weaned. This addition of the vitamin D makes the breastfeeding process smoother. It also encourages them to wean off when they are ready.

Too many Americans rely on poor diets with little exercise. They notice increased weight gain, chronic fatigue, and an overall unhealthy feeling. Changes to diet can help minimally, but can be hard to achieve permanently. Vitamin supplements are an easier way to achieve the vitamins that your body requires. They are an important part of many people?s everyday diet routines.

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