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STD Testing And Flu Shots What A Free Walk In Clinic Can Do To Keep You Healthy This Winter


Where do you go when you want to maintain your health?

Not reactive care when you’ve sprained your ankle or an emergency that requires an ambulance, but assistance with any number of ongoing health issues? If you’re not sure, don’t worry. More American families than ever are starting to explore their health options outside of the basic binary. Getting STD tests, flu shots, and regular physicals are all just a few of the resources you can look into without breaking the budget when you visit a free walk in clinic. Whether it’s a community health clinic or urgent care center, having it both ways is more than possible.

Catch up to speed below and learn more about the efficiency of the free walk in clinic.

Skin Cancer And Sun Exposure

A rampant issue in the United States is skin cancer. Not only is it a virulent illness that can get worse without you any the wiser, it’s easy to come into contact with. Sun exposure is necessary to live healthy — both for vitamin D and the positive impact of sunlight on our mental health — but too much can put you in a bad spot. Thanks to both the popularity of tanning and the slow depletion of the atmosphere’s protective ozone skin cancer rates have more than tripled over the past five decades. A free walk in clinic is a great way to find out where you stand.

Depression And Anxiety

It’s not just your physical health that needs to be minded. Your mental and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance. Depression and anxiety are among the most common forms of mental illness in the United States for both adults and children. According to recent data provided by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, rates of depression in elderly people can range between 3% to nearly 15% at any given point in time. Should you be showing signs of chronic stress, difficulty sleeping, or feelings of hopelessness, visiting a family health clinic is a good place to start asking questions.

STD Testing And Prevention

Preventive care means looking toward the future and preparing for the worst. STD testing is a wise thing to do every few years, even if you haven’t been sexually active for a while. Confidential STD testing means your personal choices and history are kept behind closed doors. You don’t have to worry about your place of work or family finding out with the aid of experienced nurses. Free STD testing centers can cross over with the free walk in clinic, which is useful if you want to tap into other areas of preventative care.

Flu Shots And Vaccines

It’s getting colder. That means the common cold and the flu are going to see a serious uptick in the general population. The flu shot is a yearly requirement for most people, as the flu virus is constantly evolving and in regular need of mitigation. Not only does a vaccine protect you from an illness that can turn serious, you also keep children and the elderly safe. Keep in mind it takes around two weeks for your body to develop an immunity and it’s still wise to practice safe habits regardless, such as washing your hands regularly and avoiding contact with sick persons.

Saving Money With Multiple Healthcare Resources

The free walk in clinic is going to see more visitors over the coming years. With insurance plans changing on a dime and emergency room costs higher than before, the need for an effective middle-ground will only grow. The United States, thanks to recent reports, is in dire need of at least 50,000 more primary care physicians by 2025 to meet current healthcare demands. It’s also been found the mean wait time in emergency room settings has gone up by a quarter over the past decade. When you need help now, but know it’s not an emergency, a free health clinic is ready and waiting in the wings.

Take the initiative. Get your flu shot and ask about STD testing at your local free walk in clinic this week.

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