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Finding the Right Insurance Plan Can Help You Create a More Predictable Future


We live in a time when health care plans are essential. Finding the right coverage, in fact, is a major deciding factor in the job choices that many Americans make. Facing life without adequate health insurance plans can send someone into a desperate spin when an emergency occurs.

If you are a private employer who only offers insurance to a small number of employees then you likely understand the process of working with health insurance brokers to find the best deal for yourself and your workers. Whether it is with health plans in Colorado or in California, it is always important to making sure that you are getting the best quotes from a variety of providers so that you can make the most informed decision.

Health Care Plans Come with a Variety of Prices and Coverage Options
From singles who are just graduating from college and starting a new job to couples with three children and a house mortgage, it is always important to know that you have the deductibles that you can afford and the copays that allow you to get the prescriptions that you need. Consider some of these facts and figures about the health insurance industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 43% of millennials indicate that they were likely to choose to visit a primary care physician for non-emergency medical treatment, according to a 2015 survey.
  • Adults who make a point to do more than seven hours of physical activity a week have a longer life expectancy.
  • 49% of out-of-pocket costs for healthcare visits were less than $500 in the year 2017, according to a recent TransUnion Healthcare analysis report.
  • The average cost for a visit to an emergency room is approximately $1,233.
  • $698.3 billion was spent on physician and clinical services in the U.S. in the year 2017.
  • Including both deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, healthcare costs have gone up by almost 30% since the year 2015.

In a time when people are more and more concerned about the wages that they earn and the benefits that they receive, it should not come as a surprise that there are few things as important as the health coverage that is offered.

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