Preparing for Mohs Surgery


Every year about 4.3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer specifically BCC (basal cell carcinoma). Mohs surgery is a procedure that can help to combat skin cancer while preserving as much tissue as possible.


Micrographic surgery (Mohs pronounced Moes) is a procedure that is performed by a dermatologist. It is a powerful tool in fighting skin cancer.


Understanding This Surgery


This surgery is done under a local anesthetic by a dermatologist that has been trained in Mohs procedure. You stay awake during the procedure but feel nothing. Recovery time is quicker because you are not given a general anesthetic.


Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the dermatologist surgeon will remove obvious cancer from the skin. You will be bandaged and made comfortable while the surgeon checks the skin for cancer cells. If more cells are found, then another layer of skin is removed, and again checked.


Each thin layer of skin is checked for cancer cells until the skin is free of cancerous cells. Once the skin is absent of cancer cells the surgeon will either stitch the wound or decide to leave it open and bandaged.


Why Is Mohs Effective?


Before this procedure was available a lot of healthy tissue was removed during the surgery which left obvious scarring. With the Mohs process, healthy tissue remains which minimalizes scarring. This is a very important attribute of this treatment option especially in areas with fewer amounts of skin to start with like the eyelids, ears, and hands.


One of the most important reasons this surgery is the best way to treat skin cancers is because it is a highly effective option with a very high cure rate. A dedicated skilled dermatologist can remove all cancer during one operation.


Mohs surgery Panama City FL patients have had has helped them to overcome skin cancer completely. It can treat all types of skin cancer in most cases without additional treatment.


When is Mohs Surgery Indicated?


It is often indicated when the cancer is large or it has returned or the area has very little skin mass, to begin with. If you suspect that you have skin cancer it is time to make an appointment and get the care you deserve. Mohs may be the cure you need.

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