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Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy

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Many people deal with a range of aches and pains every day of their lives. Some are minor and just come across as annoying and an inconvenience. Others can be very painful and debilitating for those who live with them and suffer through them. One of the leading options for dealing with chronic pain and similar issues, in addition to medication, is physical therapy. Working with a licensed and professional physical therapy company can be a great way to get the help you need for your aches and pains- whether they are caused by surgery, injury, illness, or aging. Many people end up going for physical therapy at some point and one of the biggest questions people ask is how to do physical therapy and how to get the best results possible? The best way to answer that is to talk to someone who is specially trained in physical therapy services. They can help you discover all the many kinds of physical therapy that exist and can also help you develop a personalized therapy plan that is tailored to your unique wants and needs and goals. It can be hard to and painful and challenging at first, but the end results are worth it!



Be Prepared to Push Yourself

If you are like millions of Americans who are recovering from surgery or a serious illness, suffering from problems like arthritis or back pain, or simply dealing with the effects of old age, your doctor has likely recommended that you use physical therapy exercises to help heal or manage your condition. Fortunately, physical therapy programs are more popular than ever and can easily be found at local hospitals, clinics, and even urgent care centers. However, there are a number of things every patient should know in order to avoid strain, pain, and injury. Keep these tips in mind while you conduct your physical therapy exercises in and out of the office.

If you want to see results, you will need to challenge yourself, especially when it comes to strength training. However, physical therapists are often cautious about adding heavier weights or tougher exercises because they don’t want to make patients physically or emotionally uncomfortable. If you think you are ready for a little more effort, say something.



Don’t Rely on Your Machines

Implements like continuous passive motion machines are commonly given to patients who have had knee replacements. The device is thought to control pain and speed recovery, but studies show it may not be effective. Even more concerning is the fact that many patients skip their physical therapy exercises because they think the machine takes care of them. This makes people miss out on an important opportunity to restore motion, prevent blood clots, shorten hospital stays, and more, so make sure you make time for your prescribed activities.



Expect Some Poking and Prodding

Physical therapists will frequently use mobilization, manipulation, and other techniques to relax muscles, restore motion and prevent pain. These methods, unfortunately, involve stretching and holding joints in ways you can’t move naturally, rhythmically pushing on areas, or applying quick thrusts to various body parts with the hands. While this might be somewhat annoying, let your therapists perform these activities: you will thank them when you begin to see results or don’t feel pain following an appointment.

The injuries and conditions that lead to physical therapy are often extremely challenging. In the face of such hardship, physical therapy exercises can often feel like just another hurdle. However, by using the techniques you are prescribed, you can expect to experience less pain, a greater range of movement, and better health. Get the most out of your physical therapy by following the tips above. More on this.

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Birmingham Urgent Care Center Considers Changes

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Over the last several years, many communities across the United States have found that urgent care centers are an extremely beneficial addition to their local healthcare services. The average urgent care center has extended hours and is open seven days a week, making them a convenient place to receive treatment for non-life-threatening conditions. Because of this, many urgent care clinics report that they treat anywhere from 300 to 400 patients a week, helping to decrease patient volume at local doctors offices and emergency rooms. Now, an emergency walk in clinic in Birmingham, AL is considering adding services to their repertoire to better serve their community.

In January 2013, the Jefferson County Commission controversially replaced the Cooper Green Hospital with an urgent care facility. Since then, the emergency walk in clinic has operated seven days a week from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. The center already offers treatment for a variety of ailments, but in a committee meeting on January 6, an administrator with Cooper Green Health announced that the clinic plans to add mental health services to that list. The interim director, Roger McCullough, told the Commission that this responsibility would fill “a huge need for our population and also a tremendous void in the community.”

However, the planned addition of mental health services was only one of several changes suggested for Cooper Green’s emergency walk in clinic: McCullough also proposed that the clinic close on weekends starting March 7. The proposal was reportedly due to the unusually low number of patients the center treats on weekends, as well as the existence of several other emergency rooms in the area. McCullough said that weekends came at a cost to the hospital and local taxpayers, as the number of patients could not justify the expense of paying staff members and running other operations.

The Jefferson County Commission requires a majority to approve changes to the emergency walk in clinic, especially changes as significant as closing the facility on weekend. Ultimately, it seems more likely that the committee will approve the added mental health services than the weekend closure: the group’s president has already commented that he wants to ensure a facility is open to treat indigent community members at all times.
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Signs that You Could Benefit From a Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal fitness

Personal fitness trainers help clients develop a workout routine that encourages them to remain active and fit while providing clients with nonjudgemental, consistent support. Personal trainers can help with a variety of goals, from weight loss to sports performance.

But since personal training rates can be high, you may be wondering if a personal trainer is right for you. Here are some signs that personal training rates might be worth the cost for you.

  • You Workout Without Results

    If you feel like you’re not seeing the results you should be with the amount of exercise you’re doing, a personal trainer may be able to help, especially if you’re trying to reach a certain goal. It’s entirely possible that you’re tiring yourself out by working out incorrectly, or you’re not eating right. A trainer can help you revise your goals or help you meet the ones you have.
  • You’re Not Sure Where to Start

    So your New Year’s Resolution was to go to the gym, but when you walked in, you didn’t have a clue what to begin with. That’s okay, it happens to plenty of people. The body is a delicate thing, and if you throw yourself into the wrong kind of training, you could do more harm than good. Take a step back and consider hiring a personal trainer to get off on the right foot.
  • You’re Bored With Your Workout

    Everybody falls into a workout rut now and then, especially if you tend to do the same exercises over and over. A personal trainer can help you spice things up. You’ll be introduced to new workout techniques that challenge your body and enhance your personal fitness. You won’t even need to pay those personal training rates forever this way. You’ll just need to employ a fitness trainer until you’ve learned enough to get out of your rut.

If any of these apply to you, it might be time to call a personal trainer.

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Liposuction Explained Is it Right for You?

Weight loss and

With 35.7% of American adults considered obese, cosmetic surgery for body sculpting and weight loss is growing in popularity. One of the most popular procedures is liposuction, as it allows surgeons to efficiently target and remove fat from the most problematic areas of the body, such as hips, thighs, chest, abdomen, and arms. As many people have localized fat deposits despite being in good health and of a reasonable fitness level, the liposuction procedure is the most logical choice for them.

What is liposuction? Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body via a small, flexible tube and either a suction pump or a hand syringe. Occasionally, lasers are used to heat the fat, turning it into a liquid, to make it easier to remove.

During the procedure, the patient has different options for anesthesia. With local anesthesia, the area around the surgery is numbed, and the patient lightly sedated. Regional anesthesia is similar, but with a larger area numbed. In both cases, the patient is awake for the procedure, but relaxed and feeling no pain. If the patient does not wish to remain awake for the surgery, he or she may opt for general anesthesia, and will be asleep for the entire procedure. When long-acting anesthetics are used, many patients tolerate liposuction very well and experience little pain.

If diet and exercise have proven ineffective, but you still want to lose weight, visit your local physicians weight loss clinic. There, you can meet with a doctor who will discuss with you your goals for appearance and weight loss, and help you decide whether medical weight management or surgery is the right choice to meet your needs.

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Urgent Care Clinics Expanding Across the United States

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When it comes to finding quick and affordable care for the injured and ill, many people have begun to realize that emergency room care may not be necessary for every medical problem they and their loved ones experience. Instead, urgent care centers are becoming a preferred option for many due to their convenience, affordability and quality care for non-life-threatening injuries and illness. Recently, Maine became the latest state to benefit from these medical walk in clinics: the state welcomed its 23rd urgent care facility in late December.

Across the United States, the number of urgent care centers has reached an estimated 7,000 centers, and shows signs of continued growth: from 2009 to 2014, the urgent medical care industry grew 8%, and experts project that it will expand an additional 6% over the next five years. Many urgent care professionals believe that this is because they offer care for the injured and ill which is comparable to what a patient would receive at a hospital: when treating a broken bone, for example, urgent care doctors would splint the injury, perform an X-ray, prescribe painkillers and refer the patient to an orthopedic surgeon, just as a doctor in an emergency room would. The difference is that patients with more serious problems, such as a heart attack, will be transported to a hospital instead of treated onsite. Additionally, urgent care clinics are considerably less expensive and often take less time to treat patients due to shorter waiting times.

Because of these benefits, urgent care clinics have become a popular presence in many states, with Maine becoming only the most recent to take advantage of this new type of medical care. The state’s newest urgent care facility was opened in Scarborough in late December; while the staff says that business has been slow to start, they hope to reach an average of 30 patients a day. With clinics like the one in Scarborough prepared and eager to offer care to the injured and ill, it is no surprise that these medical centers have become so popular across the U.S. Have you ever visited an urgent care center?

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Can Chocolate Cause Acne?

Itchy blisters on feet

If you have acne, you have likely done a lot of research to try to find the best skin care tips and techniques to achieve a better complexion. As part of your research, you have likely found a lot of contradicting information on different acne treatment products, procedures, and above all, foods. Most dermatologists agree that your diet affects the health of your skin, but no one seems to be able to definitively prove that products like chocolate cause breakouts. Now, a French study claims to have found a link between a daily consumption of chocolate and sweets and acne in teenagers. Is this the proof that you’ve been looking for? Should you supplement your dermatologist acne treatment by cutting out chocolate?

Not yet. The study, conducted at Henri Mondor Hospital, has a number of flaws. While the researchers found a link between a daily consumption of sweets and acne in teenagers, they aren’t actually sure what sweets the participants were eating. They also asked few other questions about the participants’ diets and lifestyles, making it impossible to prove definitively that a certain food was causing the breakouts. In the end, the study merely reaffirmed something almost everyone already knows: eating sweets everyday isn’t great for your body.

When it comes to eating a diet that promotes healthy skin, dermatologists typically recommend that patients avoid eating high quantities of foods with a high glycemic index, such as white bread, pretzels and potatoes. Sugars and saturated fats should also be eaten in moderation. No studies, however, have been able to definitively prove that chocolate causes acne, although some dermatologists do say that dark chocolate is healthier for your complexion. If you have acne, don’t try avoiding chocolate: instead, talk to a skin specialist near you about finding the right dermatologist acne treatment for you. For more about this, go here.

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Tips for Using a Dry Rub in Your Kitchen

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Most home chefs know that spices and seasonings are an important part of almost every dish: if used in the right quantities and in the correct combinations, spices can turn any recipe into a flavorful, delicious experience to share with your friends and family. Moreover, with the wide variety of options available, ranging from dill spices to fennel pollen and fennel seeds, there is no shortage of great recipes and uses for these versatile products. One of the most common methods, however, is as a gourmet dry rub for fish and meat. But how do you know which exotic spices for sale will make the best dry rub? How do you use this product? How should it be stored? Fortunately, gourmet dry rubs are subject to an extremely broad set of rules, helping even the most amateur chefs get creative in the kitchen. Follow the tips below to use this technique in your cooking!

What is a Gourmet Dry Rub?
A rub is a mixture of spices, seasonings and herbs, designed to coat and flavor the outside of a piece of meat, fish or poultry. There is no right or wrong combination of ingredients when it comes to making a dry rub; instead, it is all a matter of personal preference. However, if you are uncertain which flavors will blend well together, there are a number of pre-mixed dry rubs for sale.

Before Applying the Dry Rub
Gourmet dry rubs need time and a little assistance to adhere to different fish, meats and poultry. Begin by making sure that all of the seeds, nuts, dried herbs and spices in your dry rub are thoroughly crushed; this will release all of their flavor,so don’t be afraid to grind the mixture yourself if necessary. Next, try lightly scoring the skin of the food you are using to help the dry rub adhere to the surface. The natural moisture of the food should make this possible, but if necessary, considering adding a wet ingredient, such as mustard, finely-cut fresh garlic, oil or unflavored yogurt to help the dry rub stick. Once applied, let the rub sit for anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the desired flavor and the density of the mixture. The rubbed food should naturally be kept in a refrigerator for safety reasons.

Gourmet dry rubs can be kept for several months and used as needed, but only if they are properly stored. To prevent spoiling, keep the mixture in a tightly closed container: dry rubs can last as long as six months, while wet rubs will last several weeks. While it may be tempting to keep your dry rub for longer, remember that even the freshest spices, herbs and seasonings tend to lose their flavor after about nine months.

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Obesity America’s Silent Killer

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Being fit is in. Consumers are constantly bombarded with images of thin, seemingly happy people promoting the latest and greatest secret guaranteeing rapid weight loss. The ads are everywhere, online, in print, and on television.

However, buyer beware. Rapid weight loss may not be as healthy as you think. In fact, the secret to rapid weight loss is there is no secret. No miracle product or supplement can provide healthy weight loss. Only a comprehensive, diet, exercise, and emotional support plan can do that, which is why many people turn to medical weight loss programs for help.

Fad diets may provide temporary, fast weight loss albeit at the body’s expense. Your body’s cells and organs are not being nourished properly. Therefore, these diets are often difficult to adhere to, and the weight will only return with a vengeance. This up and down process can be physically, emotionally, and mentally frustrating and taxing, resulting in lower self-esteem and even depression and anxiety.

On the other hand, medical weight loss centers take an integrative approach to weight loss, reviewing the “big picture” instead of simply focusing on losing weight. Instead, medical weight loss solutions focus on lifestyle and overall health changes that will contribute to weight loss, such as developing a healthier relationship with food and reducing stress.

While fad diets do not provide healthy, long term weight loss solutions, diet as a whole plays an important role in weight loss. Simply put, the typical American diet is unhealthy. Chock full of genetically modified, sodium-rich, processed “food-like” products such high fructose corn syrup, Americans are the heaviest they’ve been in decades. Combined with living a more sedentary lifestyle, Americans are experiencing higher rates of chronic heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and obesity than ever before. So much so that is many consider it to be an epidemic.

However, a counter movement has also begun to offset higher rates of chronic disease. Americans are more conscious and concerned with where their food comes from and how it gets to their table than ever. As Americans continue to explore the links between food, well being, and weight loss, it’s hoped that incidences of chronic illness will decrease.