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Three Things to Ask Your Dermatologist


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Dermatologists provide a number of important services for our skin, from prescribing acne treatment products to providing diagnoses and treatment for skin cancer. However, to get the best skin care advice, it is important to ask a dermatologist a number of questions to get the best possible results out of both of your efforts. For this reason, the next time you head to the dermatologist office, make sure you ask a dermatologist the questions below.

How Does This Treatment React to Sun Exposure?
While you should always be taking steps to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, certain treatments might require you to take even more caution. Some topical products and oral medications might increase your sensitivity to sunlight, or even cause some harmful side effects. Because of this, if your doctor recommends a new product, make sure you ask if you should take any steps to stay safe in the sun.

What Ingredients Should I Avoid?
Most people will also use over-the-counter products to supplement their dermatologist-recommended skin care regimen. However, it is important to ask a dermatologist if there are any commonly-used ingredients in these products that will upset your unique complexion. For example, benzoyl peroxide is often an effective choice for patients with acne, but it should be avoided if you have dry skin. Don’t make an exception just because you don’t need a prescription: ask your doctor about over-the-counter products too.

Do You Notice Any New Sun Spots, Moles, or Other Skin Changes?
You should periodically have a dermatologist conduct a skin exam to look for potential signs of skin cancer. You should also be conducting regular skin exams yourself, and head to the dermatologist if you notice any changes. However, the best way to prevent this common condition is to make sure you’re staying informed: at any appointment, ask a dermatologist if they notice any new sun damage, and how you can prevent this in the future.

Seeing a dermatologist about your skin conditions is the first step towards beautiful, healthy skin. However, to get the best results, it is important to make sure you are communicating with your doctor about your treatments, your health and how you can improve. For this reason, ask a dermatologist the three questions above at your next appointment.

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