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The Deep Reasons That You Need to Stay in Shape


30 day workout challenge to lose weight

Did you know that only 20% of those who lose weight actually keep it off for an extended period of time? The reasons for getting off track are varied. Some people have a hard time sticking to a workout plan. Some are unclear about their fitness goals and get bored of working toward them. Others do beach body programs, a shakeology coach or other fad diets that just aren’t built for longevity. No matter the fitness journey you intent to embark on, here are the reasons that you should stay the course.

Avoid Cardiovascular Illness.
Aside from the physical benefits of exercise and healthy diet, keeping your body in shape will help you avoid cardiovascular issues like heart disease and high blood pressure. Any exercise that encourages a high high rate, such as running, swimming or sports, is a great way to give your heard a good work out. Heart strength is key to avoiding cardiovascular illnesses.

Save Money.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that about 75% of health care costs go toward illnesses that are preventable through a good diet and exercise. For example, health care costs are likely to cost much less if you aren’t dealing with the health issues that being overweight can bring on. And even if you have gotten to be a little overweight, it’s never too late to shed pounds. The savings still applies!

Stay Happy.
Depression and anxiety are more common amongst those who don’t keep active. Get your body moving and release some endorphins! Sure, a shakeology coach may be able to get you to your ideal weight. However, you’ll happiness will be must more sustainable if you’ve learned the importance of movement and exercise.

Many individuals struggle to find time to fit their health into their schedule. Keep in mind that the more you neglect your health, the less time you have in life as a whole. Carve out time to make yourself feel great!

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