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Iontophoresis therapy The Cure For Excessive Sweating


Iontophoresis therapy: The Cure For Excessive Sweating.

Are you in a state of constant sweating? Do you find that even when you’re not hitting the gym, you’re in a position that no matter how easy you take it, within minutes you’re sweating? Well, Hidrex USA is the solution you need to reduce sweating. The most typical cause of excessive sweating is primary focal hyperhidrosis, which affects about 1% to 3% of a population. Although a relatively small statistic, the 8 million Americans who have hyperhidrosis are prone to sweat four to five times as much as the average individual, and this doesn’t even have to be the result of exercise.

The 411 On Hyperhidrosis

A not so exciting fact about Hyperhidrosis is that aside from causing an immense amount of excessive sweating, also affects the emotional state of the patients suffering from it. One survey entailed how 90% of hyperhidrosis patients reported how the condition affects their emotional states in a way where it initially reduces their sense of confidence.

What Can Hidrex USA do to reduce sweating?

Hidrex USA can reduce sweating in their speciality by providing you with an Iontophoresis device. Hidrex USA is a distributor of Iontophoresis devices, which are treatment devices specifically designed to cure excessive sweating that results from hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis was introduced over 50 years ago as a treatment in reducing the excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis, and having a device that can reduce sweating is great prospect. Hidrex USA recently received FDA approval, and knowing this can only help in your desire to seek Iontophoresis therapy, which lasts only about a 10 to 20 minute period. Having a device like Iontophoresis device can only increase your chances of reducing the excessive sweating the plagues you, as well as the men and women in 25-64 age range that Hyperhidrosis affects.

How Iontophoresis therapy Works

Obviously, the idea of owning a Iontophoresis device is exciting, considering that having a name like the “no-sweat machine” can boost your trust in its ability. However, knowing how it works, as well as the amount of the treatments needed for combatting Hyperhidrosis is of the most vital importance when it comes to a condition that can result in abnormal amounts of sweat. Prior to knowing the function of Iontophoresis device, it’s critical to know that the average human being has about two to four million sweat glands that work as part of the body’s coolant system, which initially serve to protect it from a case of overheating. Now, in using a Iontophoresis, you should not go into it thinking that with just one treatment, then you can kiss the excessive sweating your suffer from goodbye. It would be great if it worked like that, but sadly it doesn’t when the basic amount of treatments estimate to about six to ten treatments before being able shut down the sweat glands. And of those six to ten treatments, it’s vital for anyone who has a severe case of hyperhidrosis to get two to three iontophoresis treatments per week when first starting to use their Iontophoresis device.

In Conclusion

As much as sweat is not the greatest threat to our health and well being, having an excessive amount of it can be alarming, and having the tools to combat affectively can be a vital source to better living and much less sweat drenched days. A good amount of sweat would be normal if you were in Florida summer weather or in the gym working out. However, if you’re shirt is drenched in a pool of excessive sweat within minutes of you entering a fully air conditioned room, then you know something is wrong. Hidrex USA had found and given you the means to solve your problem of excessive sweating.

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