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How to Throw an Awesome Botox Party at Home


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Do you want to throw a party your friends will be talking about for their rest of their lives? After you’ve been to a few dozen Tupperware parties and ugly sweater parties, they all start running together. If you really want to throw the party of the century, what you need to start thinking about is a great Botox party!

You read that right! You can get Botox from the comfort of your own home! The newest and hippest way to party is to bring in an at home healthcare of middle Tennessee (or wherever you’re from, if you aren’t local) medical professional to administer Botox to you and your nearest and dearest pals. What could possibly be better than having a wild night of fun with your girlfriends, while also shaving ten years off your looks?

Since we know we have you on-board with our awesome idea, here are a few tips for throwing the Botox party of the century:

How to Throw an Awesome Botox Party at Home

  1. Collect your funnest friends.

    As with any party, your Botox party is going to be as fun as the guest list you invite. We know that it takes a special kind of person to be open to the idea of Botox. It’s not for everyone. You don’t want to include guests who are going to be judgey-McJudgerson about your choice to partake in Botox. You don’t want to want to include people who are scaredy cats about needles. These are not the kind of people who make a Botox party fun.

    You want to think of ladies (or gents) who are willing to try new things, and are open to cosmetic surgery. It’s a good idea to put out feelers for your event several weeks in advance, so that your invitees have some time to noodle it and make sure this is the type of procedure they want to try out. No one should feel rushed or pressured into the decision. Most medical professionals who perform at home healthcare of middle Tennessee, such as Botox parties can accommodate up to six patients in a single party. So start making your list now.

  2. Find the right medical professional to administer Botox at your Botox party.
    Your face is your money maker. It goes without saying that you don’t want just anyone to inject a serious medication into your face to freeze your facial features and smooth out your wrinkles. If it’s done wrong, the results are disastrous. For the sake of yourself and your friends at your Botox party, look for a medical professional with an at home healthcare of middle Tennessee who you trust with your face.

    So how does one find a qualified at home healthcare of middle Tennessee to facilitate your Botox party? Look online for patient reviews, ask your friends and family if they’ve used any at home healthcare of middle Tennessee for cosmetic procedures like Botox, coolsculpting, ultherapy, or hormone replacement therapy.

    Some patients are impossible to please. If you read a single negative review online for a cosmetic medical professional, that might not be a deal-breaker. However, if you read several reviews that all say the same professional botched their Botox job, this might be something you want to pay attention to.

  3. Take care of the little details.

    You might be most worried about the menu and playlist of your Botox party, but don’t overlook the little things that could turn into a disaster if overlooked. Botox is a medical procedure. You want to make sure the medical professional who administers it has proper insurance in case anything went wrong during your party. You want to make sure all of your guests fill out consent forms and understand the procedure they are receiving, to protect yourself.

  4. Consider pain management options.

    Getting Botox is not an incredibly painful procedure, but the thought of needles in the face might be enough to scare some of your guests off. If you or some of your guests feel iffy about it, you might want to look for a medical professional who offers a numbing agent before they administer the Botox. Not all at home cosmetic health professionals offer this, you’ll want to ask about it before choosing a doctor if its something you are interested in.

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