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How to Heal Yourself and Avoid Having to Go to a Walk in Health Clinic


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When you’re feeling a bit under the weather in terms of your health and overall well being, what’s the first thing that you do? Do try to listen to your body’s needs in the form of symptoms or do you seek to dull the pain with over the counter medication? Do you slow down and rest or do you plow through and hope whatever it is goes away as soon as possible? Do you reach for a pill bottle or do you increase your intake of water? Do you seek medical help in the form of a doctor or another medical professional or do you walk into the produce section of your local grocery store to find foods that will naturally boost your immunity?

Whether it’s emergency care for a true medical emergency, a sexual health check up at a walk in health clinic, or consulting with a pharmacy, people should always, always, always, seek professional medical treatment for any ailments or conditions they’re suffering from that gives cause for concern. This decision, especially when made early, can help to get the healing process started sooner so the road to recovery is shorter! And as the case for most if not all medical conditions, the sooner a condition is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis. Keep in mind that many seemingly harmless symptoms are actually clues to a hidden chronic illness. Early detection is key to keeping illness at bay!

But many people don’t realize they have the power to heal themselves too, and that you don’t always have to get a prescription from a doctor at a walk in clinic in order to get better. First and foremost, it’s important to realize how truly amazing the human body is as an organism. It’s the perfect example of a well oiled machine, and with it’s ability to constantly renew itself in cycles, it has the capacity to heal itself of many common ailments with little to no effort.

For example, listening to your body and getting in touch with your intuition is one of the best ways to avoid having to go to a walk in clinic every time you’re sick. You might even be able to prevent getting sick altogether! Just take a look at the common cold, or its even sicker cousin the flu. As impolite and inconvenient as these illnesses are, they very rarely just walk in and punch you in the face. Rather, it’s more like a steady build of symptoms that worsen over time.

You may begin to feel lethargic or start lacking energy. Your appetite may begin to change. You may feel more irritable or sensitive than normal. Your may have a slight, dull headache, mild fever, trouble sleeping, and dull body aches. Then of course, there’s always the classics — sneezing and coughing. But the point is to begin treating the root of these symptoms by boosting the body’s immunity right away with the help of natural and organic produce.

Instead of ignoring symptoms, think of it as a way of giving your body a head start in healing by addressing them right away. Your body is trying to communicate with you, so listen to what it’s saying! If you’re feeling lethargic, it’s time to change up your routine. Slow down and rest, and begin increase your water and fluid intake immediately! Dehydration is a major contributing factor in many illnesses, such as the common cold and the flu, and stay hydrated helps the body heal on it’s own.

One of the most important things to realize about healing yourself is that food is medicine. You are are what you eat, and if you’re eating large amounts of sick, factory farmed animals, high levels of unhealthy fats, empty carbs, artificial sugars, and processed foods, you’re going to feel worse than all of those things! On the other hand, eating lean proteins, a plant based diet with plenty of fruits, and regular exercise can dramatically improve the way a body heals. People that eat this way also have more energy.

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