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How Luxury Accommodations Can Make a Trip Perfect


As of right now, leisure trips and luxury accommodations are at the heights of their popularity in the United States. There are more citizens planning fun weekend getaways and couples getaway trips as well. Others are just planning a fun spa retreat with a group of friends.

Across the country, the United States spa industry managed to reach an overall revenue of nearly $16.3 billion in just a year of 2015. Many experts believe that this number is bound to grow over the years as luxury accommodations become a part of the mainstream. Getting the right luxury accommodations for a fun weekend away when taking a weekend trip can help you take your trip to the next level! Here are all the facts!

Luxury Accommodations Are Beloved

A recent survey was conducted and has revealed that just about 79% of all domestic trips taken were purely for leisure purposes. This means that nearly 4 out of 5 domestic trips were taken just for fun. This counters what most citizens think about trips, which is that they are taken for business. However, there are plenty of people looking to enjoy a weekend of luxury accommodations.

In just a year of 2015 alone, residents in the United States managed to log nearly 1.7 billion trips for just leisure purposes. This means that more people are interested in getting out for a weekend to escape their daily stress. a nice trip to a spa retreat is one way to shed all of life’s problems for a few days!

Make Sure The Luxury Accommodations Match Your Trip Plans

Another survey was recently conducted that has revealed that nearly 4 out of 10 travelers feel much more romantic while they are on a vacation. So if you are a spouse or so significant other that is trying to provide your partner with a nice romantic getaway, make sure you get great luxury accommodations to boost your trip! However, it is important to make sure you realize what kind of trip you want!

According to an AARP survey, 24% of millennials planned to go on a romantic getaway in 2016. Again, these types of trips are so popular right now but they can go awry unless you know what type of activities you want to get engaged in. Just about 59% of all people who were involved in a study stated that they prefer to relax on vacation as opposed to being active. So this can give people a framework for the types of activities they should get involved in.

Over 15 million Americans practice yoga at least once a month. This is something that people may enjoy with their luxury accommodations while out on a trip along with massages. According to a 2016 AMTA consumer survey, around of 19% of American adults received at least one massage between July 2015 and July 2016. AMTA stands for American Massage Therapy Association and they deal with all of these stats directly relating to massages and such.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are people who are sitting down to plan their weekend getaways for a lot of fun. It is imperative that they evaluate what kind of trip they want and what they will plan on doing on the trip. This allows for proper booking of hotels, spa retreats, and luxury accommodations for the best weekend vacation!

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