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3 Interesting Facts About Back Pain


Back pain can be a major problem for many people and around eighty percent of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This can really cause difficulties in life and may even require surgery at some point. The good news is that there are back specialists available that can help those who struggle with back pain, neck pain, spine disorders and other neurological conditions. These are three interesting facts about back pain that maybe a way of helping you decide if you should visit a back specialist.

Lower Back Pain Is Very Common.
Bulging discs in the back can cause back pain and about ninety percent of bulging discs happen in the lower back. In some of these cases minimally-invasive surgery may be required to help the patient recover from the pain that they are feeling in their back. This is why visiting a back specialist may be an excellent choice for those feeling this back pain. With about ten percent of bulging disc cases, surgery is necessary for a patient to relieve them from pain and even loss of function.

About 1.5 billion people currently live with some type of chronic pain.
While many may believe that only a few live in chronic pain, this simply is not true and the fact is that close to 1.5 billion people have to deal with some type of chronic pain on a daily basis which may even inhibit them from performing daily activities. This is why visiting a back specialist can be a great benefit. Back specialists can even recommend if you need to find a neurosurgeon for neurological issues that you might be encountering.

A bulging disc can occur in any of three spinal regions.
Your back is divided into different spinal discs, all of which can cause chronic back pain. These different spinal discs are: cervical (upper), thoracic (middle), and lumbar (lower). If you have pain in the lower part of your back a Lumbar spinal fusion fuses two or more vertebrae in the lower back. However determining if you do need a spinal fusion through surgery will require visiting an expert on back pain. Visiting a back specialist can also help you determine which of these regions is causing you pain and help solve the problems and pain it may be giving you.

These are just some interesting facts about back pain and chronic pain, it is highly suggested to visit a back specialist for even more detailed information that could help you.

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