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Getting Rid of Head Lice without the Chemicals


How to get rid of head lice naturally

Everyone knows the dreaded fear that immediately takes hold and the quick itch that follows upon the mention of head lice. Any parent, teacher, bus driver, day care worker or other individual working with multiple children at a time will know that fear, as lice most often seems to spread the quickest among young school children due to their close proximity and what can often be considered ideal breeding grounds for the infesting bugs. There may be multiple ways to get rid of head lice, but the headache of all the disinfecting, cleaning, boiling, and sometimes hair chopping can be a bit too much.

Chemical free lice removal for a safer and less overwhelming treatment
No one wants head lice, and if by some awful chance one happens to find themselves host to the unwelcome little critters, there are multiple treatments for lice. Sometimes it may seem like it does not matter which course of action is taken as long as the lice are disposed of. But finding a non-toxic lice removal service in order to receive chemical free lice removal could prove to be worth it. It may not be the first thing on your mind if you are dealing with an unbearably itchy dome, but if you are prepared and have chemical free lice removal already set up ahead of time — just in case, of course — then you won’t have to worry about finding the right service if that time does, unfortunately come. As with most products, a chemical free, non-toxic solution is better for you. Your skin and hair will thank you, and the earth will thank you when it comes to the disposal after the fact.

That unfortunate case of head lice

Head lice can turn up anywhere, regardless of how rigorous your attempts to stay clean are, due to the ability of lice to jump and move quickly. Of course, keeping a clean living and sleeping environment helps to prevent the start of an infestation, but close proximity to another individual who has been infested can be all that it takes. It is pretty near impossible to determine exactly the rate of infestations for the entire United States, but one estimate puts the number of annual infestations with the U.S. at about 6 million to 12 million in kids ages three to 11 years old. Adult lice can survive for about 30 days on a human being with a constant food source. And while it may seem that the very brief lifespan should be too short to really cause any problems, it is that short because of the incredibly high volume of eggs that are laid in that amount of time. Each female louse can lay as many as six eggs every single day.

The bad news is that it can be all too easy to get infested with lice, and that there have been strains of lice found in at least half of the United States that have proven to be resistant to many of the over the counter treatments. The good news is that there are other options, that are non-toxic and just as effective, if not more so. And the fact that adult lice cannot live more than about 24 hours on surfaces that are not human (like carpets and clothing or hair accessories) also helps to put the mind at ease, at least a little.

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