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Do You Have Body Hair You Want Removed? Talk to Your Dermatologist


Cost of laser hair removal

Dealing with unwanted body hair can be frustrating, particularly if you have thick, dark, coarse hair in unsightly areas. In many cases, the process of removing the hair can be difficult and time consuming, which only adds to the frustration and embarrassment. Throughout the last 50 years, women and men have tried skin creams and lotions that have only masked unwanted hair issues and results were less than satisfactory. For decades now, skin laser hair removal has been a popular choice to rid the body of unwanted hair.

However, in the past, lasers were a problem for darker skins. This is because lasers for hair removal work by “seeing” pigment. If the skin is light and the hair is dark, the laser sees only the pigment of the hair and does not penetrate the skin with light. The newer lasers, however, can treat the hair and still leave darker skins intact without the threat of hyperpigmentation or discoloration.

Many cosmetic centers and dermatology clinics and spas have begun using state of the art lasers that can safely remove hair from all skin types and colors. We have extensive experience performing laser hair removal and dermatological procedures on people of all races and skin colors.

What was once a mystery about how to remove unsightly skin discolorations and hair is getting better and better all the time. Professionals such as clinicians and dermatologists are learning that skin laser hair removal all about hair color, not skin color. The real issue has less to do with the color of your skin and more to do with the color of the hair you wish to have removed. Black and dark brown hair is easiest to remove with the laser. This is because the laser light is absorbed more fully by the darker pigment in the hair follicle.

Light to medium brown hair and dark blonde hair is also easy to remove with lasers, but hair of this slightly lighter color may require more treatments to get the results you want. White, grey, red, and light blonde hair cannot be removed using laser hair removal techniques, nor can peach fuzz be removed. However, reddish brown hair can be reduced.

Many people are also interested in restoring their skin to a healthy appearance. They often seek the help of dermatologists trained in skin laser hair removal to remove sun spots and also to have laser dark spot removal treatments. Everyone wants a more youthful appearance but most people would agree that spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery is typically out of the question. The next best thing is unsightly skin laser hair removal.

Still, some people may not be candidates for skin laser hair removal. There are a few contraindications for laser hair removal, such as those with active fever blisters or other skin irritations. If you have a fever blister in the area of unwanted hair, talk to your dermatologist first. It might be best to postpone treatment. This is because the heat from the laser can activate the herpes virus. Anyone seeking treatment for acne should also talk to a clinician before starting a skin laser hair removal regimen. Continue reading here.

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