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Three DIY Back Pain Treatments That Could Easily Backfire


When you have pain in your back, you’re not alone. Back pain is one of the most common health complaints among adults. If you know about back pain, you may know that there are a number of treatments that you can undergo to try to relieve your pain. Going to a back and spine pain clinic can help with a number of different treatments. If you have been in a car accident chiropractor treatments may be needed. Another name for back doctor is chiropractor, as they specialize in making adjustments to the spine in order to get it better aligned for a reduction in pain.

If you always have lower back pain, this can affect your daily life and prevent you from doing a lot. That’s why you should seek out a few different treatments for your back pain to make sure that you are able to relieve your pain. Other than going to a chiropractor, there are a few other ways to treat back pain. These include getting acupuncture to make your back pain feel better. You might also engage in yoga to relieve the pain. Talk to your chiropractor about other ways that you can use to treat your pain.

Every single year in the United States, people spend about $50 billion dollars in an attempt to find for themselves a treatment for low back pain. In fact, the second most common reason for a person to visit the doctor is because of back pain. Considering the prevalence of low back strain and related conditions, it’s not surprising that some people go to extremes to try and find relief. Some self-help attempts are very safe, but others can be potentially dangerous. When it comes to DIY treatment for low back pain, here are three things that you should not do.

Don’t have small children walk on your back.

The danger here is two-fold. First, a back is not an even surface to walk on, and can be especially challenging for young children who don’t have their full-fledged balancing skills. You might inadvertently be putting your child at risk. Second, even if your kid is a lightweight, you could be risking doing further damage to your back. Your kid, no matter how intelligent they might be, is probably not clear on the anatomy of the back. When they start doing their best imitation of a grape-stomper in an attempt to make you feel better, your spine, vertebrae, pelvis, or scapula could suffer the consequences of their enthusiasm.

Don’t mask, or ignore the symptoms.

Pain killers and cocktails might help you for the first few nights of back pain. However, if your symptoms are persistent, then that third night, fourth night, and each night following should be seen as an indication that more coordinated care will be necessary. That is not to say that you shouldn’t seek out appropriate pain management, but you should not rely on them as your sole form of treatment.

Don’t make any sudden movements.

You’ve probably seen someone twist their back very quickly, eliciting a number of cracks and pops that either make you incredibly jealous, or otherwise sick to your stomach. These people are twisting their backs to release tension and stretch their muscles, but if you were to try and do this with an unidentified strain or injury, you risk creating an even bigger problem for yourself. There is a reason that chiropractors need to be licensed. The back is a complicated piece of anatomy, and wrenching it around in any unusual direction means taking a gamble on its health.

So now that this article has likely ruined your weekend plans, what should you do instead? Without a doubt, the most effective treatments for low back pain will come from the best chiropractor practices in your region. Each day in America about 1 million chiropractic procedures are performed, and in many cases those adjustments are done to treat low back pain, address issues such as foot pain and neck pain, and even cure chronic headaches. Seeking professional medical consultation and services will result in more effective treatment for low back pain, with minimal risk to the health of you or any small children in the vicinity. Read more about this topic at this link:


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