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7 Tips to Keeping Your Prostate Healthy and Happy

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There are a lot of things you can do to keep your prostate healthy and happy. Many people turn to prostate health supplements. They can help but there are also other things you can do to live a healthier life and keep your prostate healthy.

  1. Stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Research done on 30,000 men found that there is an inverse relationship between exercise and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The bottom line here is that when men are even mildly or moderately active, they cut down on the amount of BPH they suffer. Walking every day can yield great results. Chronic prostatitis and erectile disfunction (ED) can also be reduced by staying active. Men who exercise often and maintain a healthy weight are much less likely to suffer from ED than men who do not. When men work out at least three times each week, they see reduced rates of chronic prostatitis.
  2. Up your consumption of produce. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of the same substances that are found in prostate health supplements. When you are picking out the fruits and vegetables, select those that have deep or vibrant colors. Many people like to take antioxidant supplements but you can get those same antioxidant supplements benefits from eating certain fruits and vegetables. Berries, watermelon, tomatoes, pink grapefruit, papaya and guava are great sources of lycopene. This is one of the best antioxidant vitamins. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kate and bok choy are all great for maintaining good prostate health. Experts recommend getting at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This will do a lot to help with your prostate health but also for your overall health. Eating a diet that is more colorful will help you keep your weight where it needs to be as well.
  3. Get more soy in your diet. You can get soy from products such as soy nuts, tofu and sot powders. Increased consumption of soy products has been linked to a reduction in prostate cancer. If you take prostate health supplements, taking cellular prostate protection that has soy products in them can help. It is easy to get soy from your diet. Many people balk at first when it comes to tofu but it generally tastes like whatever sauce you marinate it in.
  4. If you smoke, you should quit. Smoking increases the chances of a host of cancers and other health problems. Quitting can be one of the best things you can do for your prostate health and over all well being. The negative effects of smoking can be reversed when you quit and you will feel a lot better after you stop smoking. It is also a lot easier to get the exercise you need if you are not a smoker.
  5. Get more selenium in your diet. You can get this from prostate health supplements or from supplements to speed up metabolism. You can also get it from foods such as tuna, herring, shellfish, eggs, garlic, onions, sesame seeds, cashews and mushrooms. Selenium has been linked to prostate cancer prevention and can boost your metabolism.
  6. Make your fats be healthy fats. You need fat in your diet but there are good fats and there are bad fats. Olive oil, nuts such as almonds, avocados all have fats that are healthy. Saturated fats such as those that some from animal products, including dairy products, should be consumed in limited quantities. Look at food labels to be able to avoid trans fats. More and more products are being made without trans fats so it is easier than ever to avoid them.
  7. Eat less meat. Protein is another essential part of any healthy diet but when you are picking your protein, you should opt for healthier options such as chicken, fish, beans, eggs and tofu. When you can, limit your consumption of beef, pork and lamb. Processed meats like hot dogs and bologna can be very bad for you. Eating a lot of the unhealthy proteins can be bad for your health.

Maintaining good prostate health involves more than just taking prostate health supplements. Using these tips to help maintain overall health can do a lot to help keep your prostate healthy and happy.