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Taking a Look At Hair Loss In The United States – And What Can Be Done About It

As hair surgeons all throughout the country know, balding and hair loss are incredibly common all throughout the United States. And while hair loss does predominantly impact men, women can suffer from it too, with up to twenty million women in some stage of hair loss in this country alone. For men, however, this number is quite a bit higher, currently at around thirty five million people.

There are a number of causes of hair loss and balding. For some, it is in direct relation to a drug treatment, such as is commonly the case when a course of chemotherapy is undergone. In addition to this, many people lose their hair as part of an autoimmune condition called alopecia, but many other conditions can also result in some degree of hair loss, even if it is not full blown balding. Of course, male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men, as it causes up to ninety five percent of hair loss cases across the gender.

And male pattern baldness is incredibly prevalen