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3 Types Of Cancer That Can Be Treated With Proton Therapy


Proton beam radiation

There are many ways to treat cancer. If you go to a cancer treatment center you will find that your doctor (or doctors) will tell you of the many different processes and procedures that you can go under in order to try to treat and cure your cancer. In addition, most often people end up going through a mix of these separate different treatments.

Most of these treatments found at a cancer treatment center are based in radiation. There’s radiation therapy, laser therapy, chemotherapy, and proton therapy. Proton treatment is when the atoms of a cancer cell are directly targeted through proton rays. There are many different types of cancer that can be affected by this treatment.

  1. Breast Cancer
    The first example used is breast cancer. This treatment for breast cancer can attempt ot attack the cancer cells and keep the breast fully in tact. Other treatments might end up with a loss of the breast. This is just one of the benefits you’ll find with taking a look into proton treatment. It can not only save lives, but it can try to save the whole body and all its parts too.
  2. Prostate Cancer
    Prostate cancer is a leading cause of death in adult men. This is why once they reach a certain age, all men should have regular prostate checks. If the test comes out positive, treatment of prostate cancer can begin.
  3. Brain Cancer
    There are many problems that can happen with the brain. There are many dangers that can come to it such as mental illness and even cancer. Proton therapy for brain cancer can help directly attack the problem area and hopefully leave the patient in tact.

There are plenty of treatments out there to help cure cancer. That said, there are a lot that aren’t as precise as proton therapy. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer of any kind, talk to your doctor or go and visit a cancer treatment center. Talk about the possibility of proton therapy and see if it is the right choice for you in order to ensure a healthy and happy future ahead.

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