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Essential Supplies For Patients WHo Are Bedridden


Bed pads

Caring for patient or family member who are bedridden can be a challenging task, not just for you but also for the people around you. It?s a life changing taste that many people who are suffering from chronic illness have to deal with. It truly alters the patient’s way of life as well as the person who is now responsible for taking care of the. Regardless of the reason why your family member must remain in bed for a long period of time throughout the day, here are some very helpful tips that will make this major transition much more comfortable for both you and the patients.

First thing you want to do if your family member has to be bedridden is to put away a room or area within your how specifically for them. This area must include the bed they will be resting on for the remainder of their stay as well as all the equipment you will need to take good care of them. The atmosphere and the surroundings in the home in general must be made extremely comfortable for the patient. This will play a crucial role in the emotional and in-turn the physical well-being of the patient. Here are some major keys to consider:

  • Make sure the the room is well lit with proper lighting
  • keep the passage to the bathroom clear and near the bed or room
  • Place nightstands next to the bed on both sides
  • Make sure the room is well ventilated
  • Keep the distraction at a bare minimum. A bedridden patient will be resting constantly that about all they can do for this point in time so make sure there?s not too much noise around the area during resting time
  • Most importantly, talk to them constantly to keep their spirits up

Another important tip to take into account is having the right supplies or equipment for your bedridden family member. These items should always be replenished before you run out since they will be in need constantly throughout the day. Some or most of the supplies you need will depend on the patient’s illness and treatment requirements. However there are basic things that every single bed ridden patient need and that includes some sterile rolled cotton, disposable bed pads for incontinence, gravity feeding bag, washable mattress protector, and walking support devices if needed.

Elderly or sick patients who are not able to control their bowel movements will need the ost equipment possible. Sterile rolled cotton is one of those equipment that will come in use when taking care of these kids of patients. The flexibility and pliability of sterile rolled cotton products make it possible to use them in many different ways in order to absorb moisture before it reaches the mattress bad. Sterile rolled cotton can be placed between the bed sheets and even the pillows to give better support and protection easily. This is a method well used in the industry that can help replace the need for constantly buying new bed covers. If the patient is bedridden due to complications with diabetes or something else that still need special treatment, make sure that a single use syringe and their required medicine is always available to treat them whenever it?s needed.

While taking care of the patient be sure to switch their position to avoid bedsores. These are injuries that occur when the skin and underlying tissue stays in constant pressure for a very long period of time without change. This is a very preventable injury as long as the caregiver is attentive. In most cases the patient will let you know when they need to change their position due to discomfort. One last major tip that will not only help the patient feel comfortable but help with their health is promoting healthier eating habits. Certain foods may cause more complications for the patient. Foods like processed sugar or fatty foods are to be avoided if possible. Since the patient is not moving much and will remain inactive for quite sometime it will be hard for them to lose any accumulated weight gain. Give them plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as water.
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