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FAQ Proton Cancer Treatment

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Radiation treatment for cancer lexington ky

When it comes to cancer treatment therapy, there’s never an easy answer. With a number of existing treatments, you want to make sure that you or your loved one is getting the best care possible. Cancer proton therapy is one of many relatively new advanced cancer treatment options that is appealing to lots of patients. In order to make an informed decision regarding treatment, here are some frequently asked questions about proton therapy.

  1. What is cancer proton therapy?
    Proton therapy is a non-

Did You Know Over 95% Of Americans Believe A Nice Smile To Be The Most Attractive Physical Feature?

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Endodontics jacksonville

How are your teeth looking? While brushing and flossing your teeth is imperative to keeping them healthy and strong all days of the week, it can be frustrating dealing with stubborn plaque, yellowing and browning. Thankfully, a cosmetic dentist can cure what ails you and then some. Cosmetic dental veneers and teeth whitening are some of the most common procedures outside of teeth whitening and can all but transform your smile in one or two sessions.

Dental Implants

Worried about a dental implant? Don’t be! Over 10% of all American Continue Reading No Comments

3 Tips For Seniors How to Look Your Best

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Reusable underpads

As we age it becomes difficult for us to look our best, or at least what we perceive our best to actually be. We’re worried about wrinkles, grey hair, and all the other negative connotations that come with aging. There are a few things, however, that you can do that will both give you a great look and a boost in your confidence as you battle old age.

Dress to Impress

Now that you’re in your respectable ages, there is a certain amount of respect that comes with it. People, both young and old, will show you more respect than perhaps you were used to in the past just because of all your life experiences. It’s important, however, that you reciprocate that respect and do your best to look as professional as you can. No one wants to see the old guy in old sweat pants and a stained white shirt. But

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Sinus Infections

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If you’ve ever had one, you know that sinus infections are no laughing matter. Although the name indicates that sinus infections are an infection of the sinus cavities, sinus infections do so much more than just plague your sinuses. It is not unusual for sinus infections for to wreak havoc on your ears, your face, your eyes, and your throat, your all the things. Sinus infections have even lead to hearing loss, breathing difficulties, and hypernasal speech.

Sinus infections are one of the most common ENT problems and such a general bummer, but the more you understand them, the better

The Benefits of Daily Vitamin Supplements

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Antioxidant supplements

Vitamins have been around for many years. You have probably considered taking vitamins or supplements at some point in your life, but you may have been overwhelmed at which vitamins you needed and wondered if they really are beneficial. Vitamin supplements can actually provide many benefits. Many of these benefits are necessary for health and energy. Vitamins have been designed for the following purposes.


You may dream about your childhood dreams that were filled with energy. You could function energetically with very little sleep. You could maybe even stay up late into the night and still awake early, with energy. As we age, our body?s energy decreases. We also are met with an increase in responsibilities and find it more difficult to get healthy amounts of sleep.

Even whe

What You Need to Know About Clinical Drug Development

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Phase 1 clinical trial alabama

Science, medicine, and technology have advanced considerable amounts over the recent years, and at the rate we are going, it seems that we could be on a pretty promising track for discovering all the cures we need, developing every device for communication and transportation that we could ever desire, and understanding the world around us and the universe like our species never has before. When you step back to look at the big picture of things, it really is quite amusing and intriguing that we are, by this point, basically catching up with some of the science fiction favorites.

We carry miniature computers in our pockets, constantly connected or at least in possession of the capability to access contact with anyone or any piece of information. We now live in a time in which persona

What’s the Difference Between BiPAP and CPAP?

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Home test for sleep apnea

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you’re probably quite familiar with the symptoms and serious health risks of this condition. You may also be acquainted with CPAP machines and CPAP masks. Although many patients are able to successfully treat their sleep apnea with the use of CPAP supplies, some may find using these machines to be frustrating or uncomfortable. Although CPAP machines have been used for years to treat the symptoms of sleep apnea, there is an alternative: BiPAP machines. If you’re wondering about BiPAP vs CPAP machines, the following may help you to determine which is right for you.
BiPAP machines are actually quite si

12 Important Steps for Drug Rehabilitation

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Crack addiction recovery

The drug rehab process is one of the most difficult processes to complete in the world. These aren’t issues that should be taken lightly, because they deal with the livelihood of millions of people across the globe, and the entire rehabilitation process requires 12 difficult steps.

Whether it’s your best friend, your family member, an acquaintance, or yourself, whoever is struggling with drug addiction, it’s important that they visit drug rehab centers that can begin the rehabilitation process and improve the addict’s life.

Here are the 12 steps of the drug rehab process that professionals can assist any addict with.

  1. Admit

The Benefit of Digital Hearing Aids Over Analog Hearing Aids

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Hearing aid batteries

The sound of birds singing, a grand orchestra, or a child’s voice — these are all sounds that many of us take for granted. Unfortunately there are many Americans who are unable to hear and cherish these sounds thanks to hearing loss. As our lives become noisier with loud equipment, screaming concert experiences, and constant electrical buzzing hearing loss is becoming a more prevalent issue as the number of Americans with hearing loss has doubled from 2000 to 2015.

Hearing Loss in the United States

Nearly 20% of adults and 20% of teens suffer from some degree of hearing loss from a number of factors. The prevalence of noise in our daily lives could be one reason as research has shown that exposure to a noisy subway for just 15 minutes per day can cause permanent damage to

How to Throw an Awesome Botox Party at Home

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Hormone replacement therapy

Do you want to throw a party your friends will be talking about for their rest of their lives? After you’ve been to a few dozen Tupperware parties and ugly sweater parties, they all start running together. If you really want to throw the party of the century, what you need to start thinking about is a great Botox party!

You read that right! You can get Botox from the comfort of your own home! The newest and hippest way to party is to bring in an at home healthcare of middle Tennessee (or wherever you’re from, if you aren’t local) medical professional to administer Botox to you and your nearest and dearest pals. What could possibly be better than having a wild night of fun with your girlfriends, while also shaving ten years off your looks?

Since we know we have you on-board with our