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Urinary Catheters Usage and Care

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Catheter leg bags

Were you aware that urinary catheters have been used for over 3,500 years? These devices, which assist the bladder to drain urine, have been further developed since those times.

If you have recently had surgery, then you may have had a foley catheter, or indwelling catheter, placement. These are used 15%-to-25% of the time during hospitalizations prior to and during surgery, as well as for other types of medical situations requiring a hospital stay.

Both men and women may experience some type of bladder or kidney issue that will require the use of a catheter to assist with expressing urine. Men over 60, for example, may experience some level of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In some cases, they may have issues with blockage, which will require the use of a catheter.

Urinary incontinence tends t

Is You rLoved One Getting the Necessary Mental Care Treatment That Is Needed?

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Couples therapy

My yoga teacher told me that an evil spirit is essentially bad thoughts repeating in a person’s head. I keep PRAYING, but the evil thoughts persist like they are out of my control. I read in a kid’s Bible, and one verse said to give up all of your possessions.”
The nonverbal student stood in front of his tutor meekly offering two different Star Wars space ships. One was big. One was small. The scribbled message, however, seemed to be a combination of something that was both big and small. A big worry, with a small offering for some kind of help. With his parent standing close by, the 14-year old Autistic student was clearly asking for help. Could the tutor, by accepting the offering of these Star Wars toys, rid the student of his rituals? Was there a way for the tutor to help rid the young man of

7 Tips to Keeping Your Prostate Healthy and Happy

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Supplements for longevity

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your prostate healthy and happy. Many people turn to prostate health supplements. They can help but there are also other things you can do to live a healthier life and keep your prostate healthy.

  1. Stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Research done on 30,000 men found that there is an inverse relationship between exercise and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The bottom line here is that when men are even mildly or moderately active, they cut down on the amount of BPH they suffer. Walking every day can yield great results. Chronic prostatitis and erectile disfunction (ED) can also be reduced by staying active. Men who exercise often and maintain a healthy weight are much less likely to suffer from ED than men who do n

4 Ways to Get Stress Out of Your Body

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Deep tissue massage

When you are stressed, there are trigger points in your body that are all knotted up and tense. Our bodies involuntarily respond to stress in our lives if we don’t properly deal with it. It’s amazing how much our minds are connected to our bodies. What goes in your mind can equate out to physical manifestations in your body. Here are a few ways to treat those trigger points and help to get the physical stress out of your body. Keep an open mind to the options and you may be surprised to find out what helps.

A Good Night’s Sleep

When You Should Consider Going to Urgent Care

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Find urgent care

We have all experienced this. A flu that strikes on Friday night. A knee we twisted on a Saturday morning run. We know we cannot wait until Monday morning to get medical care but really do not think we need an emergency room. Luckily there are other places we can receive medical care at night or on the weekend. Urgent care clinics are open all over the country for just these times. You may ask, “what is urgent care?” Quite simply, it is care we can get when we need it and right away.

When should I go to an urgent care center and when should I go to my primary care doctor?

Your primary care physician is a very key player in getting and keeping you healthy. This person should be up to date on all of your medical issues and problems. They should be completely familiar with your health history a

Do Your Feet Hurt at the End of the Day?

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Ankle sprain grades

If you have had a really good night’s rest you almost forget.
After an uninterrupted eight hour sleep you wake feeling both refreshed and energized. As soon as you swing your legs out of be and place your feet on the floor, however, the foot pain reminds you that all is not well. You are looking forward to the twice weekly appointment you have at the podiatry office. The laser foot therapy sessions have been effective, but when you are the day before the next appointment some of the benefits seem to diminish. Foot and ankle problems have often been a part of your life, but this constant ache that cannot be erased by pain medications has been frustrating. You are thankful for the laser foot therapy s

The ER Or Urgent Care Clinic? Which Should You Choose?

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Urgent care mckinney

There is an ever increasing amount of urgent care facilities serving timely primary medical care for those in need of emergency services.

It is approximated that there are now over 9,000 walk-in urgent care centers in the United States. About 50 to 100 new urgent care and clinics open each and every year. And there is very good reason for this.

Currently 20,000 physicians are practicing urgent care medicine today, and the number is growing. These medical professionals have developed timely primary medical care into an important, recognized specialty that represents this fast-growing medical field.

Emergency Rooms Vs. Urgent Care, Whi

Drug Rehab Choices Include Inpatient and Outpatient Services

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Substance abuse in canada

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, there are two ways you can try to overcome it with rehabilitation. Your choices are outpatient rehab, which can take many forms, or inpatient rehab, which can be done either in a medical facility or a residential-like facility. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and each can have varying levels of effectiveness depending on the extent of your problem and your willingness to overcome it.

Drug rehab, be it inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab, differs from self-help groups like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. In those groups, you have support, but you are on your own to make the right choices. With rehab, you often are under the care of a licensed med

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Primary Care Physician

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Frisco er

Family medicine often refers to the integration of health care services for the different type of patients, regardless of the age, diseases, genders and body parts. It’s a comprehensive form of health care that extends past an individual health concern towards a strong patient-physician relationship. Family practice is governed by several principles that ensure holistic approach towards convenient medical treatment.

They include:
2.Clinical competence
4.Comprehensive care
5.Coordination of care
6.Community-based care
7.Counseling and communication skills
8.Continuing medical education
9.Prevention and Research

What is the difference between family medicine and internal medicine?
These two terms often confuse people, and in most scenarios, you’ll find people interchangeably usi