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3 Things You Can Do to Expedite Your Recovery

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Your odds aren’t great. Chances are that you may someday have serious pain to deal. Research shows that as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives; one in four people may develop painful hip arthritis at some point; and that 75% of Americans will experience some degree of foot health problem at one time or another in their lives.

Unfortunately, this may mean that you’ll someday need orthopedic surgery, which could take you out of work for an extended period of time. If that ever happens to you — or if orthopedic surgery already has you out of work — there are a few things you can do to help yourself get better sooner. Here are

Assisted Living Environments Promote Independence

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What are your plans for retirement? Experts say that the best time to begin planning for retirement options is long before they are needed. For many people assisting living facilities are the perfect environment for the transition you may some day need to make.
Assisting living facilities operate under the philosophy that care and service can be provided in an atmosphere that still promotes independence and dignity. For example, assisted living facilities provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living. They also coordinate services with outside health care providers, as well as monitor resident activities to help to ensure health, safety, and well-being.
One way that assisted living environments promote independence is by providing a variety of options for each unit. For this

3 Huge Benefits of Regular Exercise

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Gym training can be tedious and boring, which makes getting fit incredibly hard for some people. This can be especially difficult if you’re getting into exercise again after years of none at all, but there are certainly options to keep your motivation up. You can switch up your activities, find personal trainers, or join a class. By 2030, about 50% of all American adults will be obese, and this is largely due to the fact that less than 5% are getting in 30 minutes of activity per day. Check out a few reasons exercise is so important.

Better Sleep

Those who exercise regularly are known to experience much better and deeper slee

Ear, nose and throat problems and how to take care of them

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Ear, nose and throat problems are very common in young children and adolescents. 83% of children will have at least one ear infection before they even turn three. Some of the problems are preventable or treatable if contracted and some are not. Let’s go over some of these.

Ear Ear problems are the most well known condition; from ear infections to hearing loss. 60% of children who have hearing loss can be attributed to their genes. However, 30% is because of infections while in the womb, environmental causes or because of a complication after birth. There are three types of hearing loss:

  1. Conductive hearing loss This type can often be corrected medically or surgically.
  2. Sensorineural hearing loss This type is the most common

Are you Self Medicating? The Undiagnosed Epidemic of Mental Illness and Alcohol Abuse

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Mental illness is one of the leading ailments in this country for which people need medical help, but it is often not considered a sickness in the same way physical ailments are. This can easily be exacerbated by drug and alcohol use, alcohol being the biggest problem drug in the US. It is estimated that 10 percent of children may be living with at least one parent with alcohol abuse problems, and close to half of Americans claim to have one or more relative who abuses alcohol. People at highest risk for developing a dependency on alcohol include college students, and young adults up to the age of 29. AA rehab centers can be helpful, but a family practice physician can also help in taking the first steps toward

Can Software Make HR’s Job Easier?

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As a manager, you want to take care of your employees. When starting the paperwork on new hires to the company, very large businesses may have their human resources department turn to their employee benefits enrollment software to ensure nothing gets overlooked. Small business employee benefits packages might look a little different than the benefits at a larger company, because size matters, especially when a business has less than 20 employees. Is there a significant benefit for a small business to use employee benefits enrollment software? Read below to find out what would be best for your small business.

Incentive for future hires.

Regardless of size, every business wants to hir